Backdated: Monday, 16th February 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Extracted & edited from my personal blog…

Cyn broke the news that lil char’s tumour is found to be cancerous.

Went online to search for info regarding liver cancer, printed them out and digested them whenever I’ve got the time on the mrt.

There was a mixture of positive and negative results and outlook. I concentrated on the positive ones.

We have to remain positive and strong.


Anonymous said...

i know just how heartbreaking it is when the results confirm that cancerous cells have infested on a loved one. i lost my beloved grandmother to stomach cancer and my own mother whom i love so much had breast cancer. It's awfully scary when something so deadly as cancer is lingering in a person's body. it has been the most saddening and heartbreaking time of my whole life when my dearest mother told me she had suffered through the cancer with chemo and started losing her hair. the worst part is that i wasnt around with her to give her the support. she didnt want to make me worry while i was overseas and i remember asking my father,"why is mummy always sleeping or napping when i call home?" He never told me the real reason and i never noticed how sick and tired she was when i saw her through the webcam. my eyes fill with tears whenever i think about how much she suffered without telling me a thing. My own mother.... she was strong and had a positive attitude. I thank the lord that she went through chemotherapy and recovered after the cancerous lump has been removed from her breast. i pray for this little child charmaine that she will overcome it all and recover from cancer so that all her loved ones have a chance to rejoice and love her wholeheartedly without shedding tears with the pain in their hearts knowing her condition. i pray to god that my own mother's cancer will not reoccur and give me a chance to spend more happy times with her without letting her suffer again. Lord, hear our prayers.

Jolene said...

I can feel your grief. Emotions are stirring in my heart now as I'm reading this.

*Hugz to u*

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