POSB savings a/c is up for lil Charmaine's cancer funds

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear all,

I've set up a separate a/c for little Charmaine.

For the interested parties, please make your donations to:

The administrator has removed the bank account number which has since been closed
Edited on 14 June 2009.

Kindly include your name when you do an internet bank transfer. We would like to remember you by name and not by initials or "anonymous". =)

I would be starting a Facebook group for awareness of little Charmaine's plight tonight if possible. Do look out for it and help to spread the word.

Cynthia has been wanting to come here personally to thank all of you but she doesn't have the time to do so. She's really very touched by all your kindness and efforts.

I hereby thank all of you again on her behalf.

Meanwhile, I would like to seek a little favour from all of you reading this...

1) Please leave your words of encouragement here as a comment and not as an email to me. I really love reading all your emails and have fwd-ed many to Cynthia as well. We're really very touched by them. However, being very sentimental, I would like these to be preserved as memories here on this weblog.

2) Please refrain from including my personal blog's url on popular websites and forums. Please also refrain from including my personal blog's url on your blogs unless you are my friend or we somehow know each other on the internet realm.
I understand that all of you are being very kind to spread the word and to urge people to click on the ads there but I would prefer not to have my personal blog url publicised. Hope you would understand.

Thank you all of you!

God bless!



WingYee said...

I believe the world is still beautiful because our human beings will help each other when one comes across their difficulties...

Eugene Tham said...


Thanks for supplying the POSB acct. Shall do the transfer shortly.

I'm one of the guilty ones that revealed your blog. I wrote a note in my facebook and urged pple to visit the blog. I guess most ignored it though. But something miraculous happened. I realized my sister in law, Vernice Koo, is actually your friend. Somehow, one of my students from china responded to the donation too. I guess while revealing your personal blog is not that a good idea, it does spread the news that Charmaine needs help. Somehow, I got into this via this blog that Charlene provided too. Perhaps a better idea, is to create a facebook group like you said and we'll do some awareness publicity via the group?

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