Cynthia's email to all (Dated 26th February 2009)

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Hi everyone, friends and strangers alike, I would just like to take this opportunity to say a few words of thanks for all the overwhelming encouragement me and my family have received over the last couple of weeks.

Friends came forward to extend all the help they could; Neighbours and ex-neighbours, school mates, ex colleagues, relatives and even strangers... Everyone gave me so much encouragement and support during the most challenging 2 weeks in my life.

To be frank, the reality hasnt exactly sunk in. I still cannot picture my little girl as being this sick. She just looks so normal to me. Many a times, I wonder if I am the one who is going to make her more sick because I am the one who agreed to her going through chemotherapy.

I dread waking up this morning in the hospital. I almost feel like a murderer - because today the doctor will finally inject all the drugs into my little girl's body to kill all her healthy cells. As I am typing right now in the room besides her room, the 3 different type of drugs are dripping slowly into her heart...

Charmaine woke up this morning at 6:30am, being her mischievious self. She was hungry and hence we went down to get her favourite Raisins Bread from 7-11. And when we went back to the ward, she wanted to watch her favourite Dora, with the volume tuned to the loudest. Had to negotiate real hard before she agreed to an acceptable volume. Thats my little girl, she just doesnt let anyone have their ways so easily. And with this belief, I know the cancer cells will not have their way so easily with her too.



xin said...

read abt charmaine at a fren's plc last nite... since then, i cant get her out of my mind... will always be praying for her and her family... and of coz her kind (not naughty) godma who loves her so much... do tk care... b strong... :)
btw, would you like to add a rss feature to e blog so tt it's easier for us to follow the updates? here's a link on creating RSS feed:

Eugene Tham said...

To Cyn,

I do believe you've made a very very tough decision for the chemo treatment. I have witness the process before, and I know how painful it is for the loved ones of the patient too.

Be strong.

Fren of a fren,

Anonymous said...

How do we know if this is a fraud? How about adding pics of Charmaine in her chemo & indicating which ward in KK?

WingYee said...

when i knew this case and when i saw Charmaine's pitures which are post in this blog...i really cant forgot her sweet face...i also had a family member who suffered this kind of illness...i know it is very painful to do this chemo treatment...but there are many people who are supporting her...try to be stronger will win this war...

WingYee said...

To the Anonymous above:
I was going back home with one of my friends one day from school..there was a boy coming to us and told us that he was playing a game which is he has to earn $100within a time limit by selling the lucky stars he made and he asked us whether we can help him or not...
i hesitated...but when my friend asked me if we are going to help him or not..i said YES..then we both gave $2 to buy his lucky stars...perhaps the others may think that maybe a first i also thought like that so i hesitated...
but my friend told me...we just try to help the others..if it is a fraud,not our fault because we just want to help others with our heart...

Eugene Tham said...

Ya I know, people that are strangers to Charmaine and her family, might be skeptical to the truth of this. They might wish to donate money, yet not sure if this is a internet fraud. Truth be told, for a moment, I did suspect that it might be a fraud too. After all, Jolene, Cynthia, and Charmaine, are just names of strangers to me initially. So how do I go about verifying? Cos I trusted my friend who is a close friend of Jolene. And through my efforts of trying to help some needy souls, I found out that Jolene is a friend of my sister in law. With that, even though I've not met Cyn and Charmaine, I can bury my suspect and lay trust in them. I shall be transfering the donations over once I get back to my office.

Truth shall reveal itself in due time. The mist shall clear when the time comes.


HK said...

hi, jus got to know bout this blog and whats going on with little charmaine.We are all saddened by the sickness,but i believe theres always a reason behind it.and whatever decision being made,its been done,im sure its hard but all we can do is just pray real damn hard and hope lil charmaine will really go back to her usual self :) take care

Shawn said...

Dear Cyn,

However tough and difficult decisions made, you know that you made it in the best interest of lil char, with the best hope and with a mother's love for her princess. You did what's best for her. everyone will join you in prayers for her speedy recovery.

yt said...

jolene do you think you should post up your own blog's url to prove to the anonymous up there that this whole incident is true and not a scam? i can't help but wonder why would someone even think of cursing her own goddaughter to scam people of their money? you have to consider putting your blog link here then people can read more of your thoughts and know how you have really been feeling and helping in this whole thing. they can also see more pictures and know that cynthia, charmaine and jolene are not just some character created from fiction but real people in singapore.

yt said...

sorry i realise that you don't like your blog to be publicise but it's a suggestion to consider. :)

Anonymous said...

WingYee, ur $2 could have helped someone who is really in need, instead of buying a lucky star. It is not kindness but plain stupidity when u said its ok even if its a fraud. It IS then ur fault because u're encouraging cheats! Don't act only with ur heart but pls use ur brain, common sense & have some social responsiblity too! Jolene, I don't think its too much to ask u for validity of ur fundraising since this is a public blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the little girl Charmaine or her family or the blog creator personally.

Granted, we all don't want to be victims of a fraud but I seriously question the need for anyone to post comments about the validity of the blog!

Nowhere in the blog is there any indication that one is forced to donate. We can each decide for ourselves how we'd like to respond to such appeals.

Anonymous said...

cant find the nuffnang ads..

Anonymous said...

If this blog is open to all & wishes to seek funds from us, we have every rights to question & demand validity. Adding chemo fotos for a start is not too much. Privacy is not an issue to the family since this blog is about Charmaine & her cancer & raising funds!

Granted, if Jolene or Charmaine's family chose not to disclose further info, we remain skeptical & regard this blog a fraud.

Readers beware!

Peter Chua said...

How about giving us a name & mailing address so donors can send cheques? This way, at least there's a proper track record.

Which ward is Charmaine at KK? I'm sure she'd like to rcv well-wishes! I'd also prefer to hand a token to Charmaine's family in person!

Zanne said...

Dear Anonymous

It is up to your decision to remain skeptical. But before you come to any conclusion, shouldn't you wait for Jo's or Cyn's reply? At least give them some time to consider your views and suggestions. I am sure you will understand that this is a trying period for them and thus they might not be online 24/7.

There might be other ways of validating this blog other than published Char in her chemo. Personally I do not feel good if I have to reveal photos of someone close in her chemo but let me stressed that this is MY personal opinion and I understand that it is up to individual's decision. i am not stopping Cyn or Jo here.

I hope you will respect their decision then, whatever it may be.

And I would appreciate if you could kindly word your query in a nicer way.

I am a friend of Jolene's and I do not think they are in need of such unnecessary unkind word. And I do apologise if the above sounds offending to you as I do not have this intention. I am not stopping you to question them, nor stopping you to warn others if u deemed it necessary.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


A sidenote to my friends if you are directed to this website from my links. I do not know Cyn and Char personally, but I am a close friend of Jo (I still am... I should be.. hor, Jo? lolz), if you have any queries and she is not responding soon enough.. let me noe.. i will TRY to bug her although I am deeply buried in work now... Only for Char.. other than that.. I still will not reply to your smses.. =P


Joanne Loh (Jolene's sister) said...

Hi Anonymous,

Why not u leave ur name n contact details (instead of putting anonymous) so that Jolene can contact u directly?

And I think it's rash and harsh of you to say this is a fraud without clarifying things first? Jolene is not online 24/7 to respond that quickly as she has to juggle with work and this. Thanks!

God bless!

Joanne Loh said...

nuffnang ad has to screen the site's traffic for a while before including clickable ads in the blog. According to Jolene, it will be around next wk- 1st week of March (cross fingers). Thanks!

Pixie said...

If you do think that getting the paper documents from the hospital is easy, why not try it on your own? You asked for transparency, but do we not thought of it our own? But all of us are going all these based on our own time and schedule to help this family. If there was 1 min of spare time torn between getting money and typing this out to you, I would have chosen getting money. Annon, lucky you that I have 2min to spare to type this for you.

We are coming out with a list of donors/donated amount of course tagged with non-full name disclosure cos we respect all donors too.We are also patiently waiting for an estimated cost from hospital.Maybe if you are free to help, call up and ask for a quotation from them?

For those who has read the blog, you will know, little char do not really entertain well with strangers due to her health status now. Unless you have a clean room classification 3 walking everywhere with you, i suggest you all NOT to go to her ward to contaminate further. She has enough "monster in her stomach" to handle. Showing her photos and videos duringthis period, is terribly tough also.

While some have provided good suggestions, when you open your mouth (or in this case, type it out), spare 30secs to think. What if this is your own kid, will you want to show everyone.

For those who reached this blog from somewhere somehow, and yet, not believing it, trace back who gave you the link, and get that person to convince you. This blog started by people close to Jol/Cyn/Char's heart. You will reach anyone of those easily. There are no more than 8 degrees of seperation, i think.

For those who choose to doubt and not donate, please stop blogging and waste my 1min of time. I should have used this to update the Paypal, or the blog.

For others who have a common goal with us here, thank you all and bless you all. Do wait patiently and I am sure, the fundings transparency will come in real soon.

susanteh said...

My prayers are with Charmaine, her mother and all who love her.

floffy said...

cyn! hang on!!! =) with the love n support of ur frens.. stay strong and do take care of urself too! =)

and to anonymous (simply ANNOY-ing person): firstly i tink u shld leave ur name n contact behind. i understand u are concerned about being cheated. but i guessed like the rest who have commented, i tink there's enuff reason/evidence that this is a real case. pls use ur brain TOO! thanks! and i tink u can put in more effort n sensitivity like peter chua.. pls refer to his comment.

Jolene said...

Hi Anonymous #1 (comment #3) & Anonymous #5 (comment #14),

If you had simply stopped at “How do we know if this is a fraud?”, I would not have felt the compelling need to come in here to clarify despite my busy schedule. Have you even stopped for just a second before you utter the next line?

“How about adding pics of Charmaine in her chemo…”
“Adding chemo fotos for a start is not too much. Privacy is not an issue to the family…”

The above just go to show how completely insensitive both of you are.
Privacy is A SEPARATE issue over here.
If you had a child undergoing chemo, would you take a photo of him/her just to PROVE TO OTHERS that your child is indeed suffering? (Well, for you I guess you probably would…)

“since this blog is about Charmaine & her cancer & raising funds!”
Please read my final note. Thank you.

“indicating which ward in KK?”
Well… if you wish to visit cyn and char just to quench your curiosity and satisfy your doubts, you may do so by going to KK Children’s Tower Ward 76. She has just started her first chemo session yesterday and they would be staying in KK until this Sunday (1st March 2009) after which she would be going home to recuperate before the next chemo session.

“Readers beware!”
Readers have a mind of their own to discern. ;P


Hi Anonymous #2 (comment #11),

It is definitely not nice to assume other people’s trusting and simple gestures of kindness as stupidity especially when you do not know the person.

“I don't think its too much to ask u for validity of ur fundraising since this is a public blog.”
Although our intention to start this blog is NOT SOLELY for fundraising purpose, I agree with this point since now money is concerned.

At the moment KK has not provided us with the estimated cost of the whole treatment and we’re worried about the astronomical amount at the end of the list. What we can do is to consolidate our current hospital bills for the past weeks and update everyone when I can actually talk to cyn to give me the bills for scanning. However, right now I do not wish to distract her especially since it’s only the 2nd day after char’s 1st chemo session.

At the same time, we’re in the process of coming out with a list of donors/donated amount for transparency. Your kind understanding and patience is deeply appreciated as we’re really stretched to our ends trying to complete 40 hrs of task in just 1 day.


Special thanks to Eugene Tham, yt, Anonymous #3 (comment #12), zanne, Joanne Loh, pixie

You have spoken my mind. =)


Final note to all:
I started this blog with the sole intention for people who care to leave their words of encouragement and share their valuable past experiences of those who have had gone through a similar ordeal. It is also a platform to update all concerned about the progress of cyn and char.

I am not forcing anyone to contribute. Due to good response from many people expressing their wish to help, we decided to add paypal and open an account.

There is a group created for Our Feisty Princess Charmaine Lim in Facebook. You are welcome to join us any time. =)

cyn said...

Dear Cynthia

I can feel your pain and the difficult decision you had to make for your little girl. I had worked with cancer children for a period of time and it's really heart-wrenching to see the little ones having to go through so much pain and not be able to go outside and play with other children or even to eat their fav foods.

Will keep you and your little girl in my prayers and tho chances are slim, I'm sure there's always such a thing called 'miracle'. Take care and be strong for your little girl.

Cynthia (Jolene's colleague)

Anonymous said...

Which is more important? Funds to save Char's life, or her family & Jolene's privacy? Taking fotos of Char chemo is not to prove her sufferings but its just part of Char's cancer journey. Why is it so hard to come out clean? Why is Char's family taking the back seat when THEY should be most concerned than Jolene? Anyway, i'm uncomfortable with Jolene's role in this but to give u benefit of the doubt, i wish u well Charmaine. But to contribute blindly is another matter.

Anonymous said...


U said "i tink there's enuff reason/evidence that this is a real case"

i'm amazed u've come to that conclusion. What 'evidence' have u found?

Joanne Loh said...

Hi Anonymous,

Like I said why not u leave ur NAME and CONTACT DETAILS if you think it's a fraud?

And like what Jolene mentioned- you can go to KK Children’s Tower Ward 76. Charmaine will be staying in KK until this Sunday (1st March 2009). Isn't going there to confirm your suspicions better than asking for photos?

Regarding floffy's comment on "i tink there's enuff reason/evidence that this is a real case". The evidence is their friendship--floffy is a direct friend of Cynthia and Jolene... Ther?


Han said...

Hi, there is this very well-know chinese medical hall around macpherson area named KE YI.they are famous for curing cancer patients as well as building up their health. it is beside macpherson post office. one of my family member went there for treatment after her chemo, and she has been recovering very well. hope this helps.

Esther said...

To Jolene:
My heart goes out to Lil Char. Even though I may not have the means to contribute much (I'm a student by the way), I'd still wish to help by clicking on the Nuffnang Ads. Hope it'll be out soon. Will pray for Lil Char to recover soon.

To Anonymous:
You still believe in 'Picture speaks a thousand words'? So what if the family posts a picture to 'prove'? If this is meant to be a fraud, pictures can be fake too.

If you're REALLY sincere in wishing them well (yet afraid of being conned), just simply wait for the Ads and click on them. I believe this is not too difficult for you, right?

Anyway, I don't think it's appropriate to 'show concern' for others in this manner. Afterall, no one is forcing you to make any donation.

Please be kind with your words. What comes around goes around.

Ling said...

Anonymous, if you really wish charmaine well, i think your should just stop all these now.

Whether you want to donate a not, is your decision. No one is forcing you. So why must you make things so difficult for them.

FaithChua said...

To Those whom are helping charmaine in this tough fight.

I am just a passer-by and I sincerely hope this little girl could get well soon and be a normal person.

I think you guys can set aside those unwanted comments due to fraud as you already did what you can by stating the hospital ward, which is the most supportive evidence. Nonethelss, hope guys wouldn't be bothered with such comments and continue to give all your concentration on helping this little girl.

Lastly, I hope that the nuffnang ad will be out soon as I wanted to spread to my friends as well. Thanks!


Angela Chua said...


Simply put, if you feel uncomfortable about this blog, please LEAVE. I don't think anyone owes you all any explanation for setting up this blog, nor do anyone forced you to return to this blog.

This blog is meant for friends and kind people who geniunely care for Cynthia and Charmaine. We are very anxious about Charmaine's condition and yet at the same time we don't want to flood Cyn with phone calls and sms. Jolene did everyone a favour by conscientiously updating this blog.

Donations are done on your own accord. I don't think we have placed a knife at your neck forcing you to donate. Instead of spending your precious time criticizing this set up, why not use these time on things that you deemed meaningful, and not to pollute this blog.

Also, imagine you are in pain and all of your photos are placed online, how would you feel? Would you even like people to see you in this state? Please think before you pen down your comments in this blog. Placed yourself in their shoes. Another advice for you. Ask your parents what would they do if you are the one going through chemo. Ask if they would placed your photos of your sufferings online to document down your cancer journey. Im not so evil to curse you, but to let you understand that you should think twice before you write.

How would you even know Char's family is taking the back seat? I dont think you are in the position to comment when you dont know anything.

Nothing needs to be done to verify on these. If you don't believe, even if I placed the very truth in front of your eyes, you will still not believe it.

Jolene, just ignore this bunch of anonymous people. They aren't worth your efforts explaining to them since they are so skeptical in the first place.

Jeffry Tan said...


U may not even know who I am but we were in the same JC back then. Please be strong and JIA YOU! No matter what we say, I would dare say nobody can really understand EXACTLY what you are going through... What you can only do now is to be strong cos I believe you are Baby Char's support to fight on..

And for those anonymous idiots (pardon my language, CYN & JO) who choose to think this is all but a fraud, just shut up and get lost!!! Cyn and family don't need ur comments or doubts at this point in time. Just spend ur time praying for yourself that nothing of this sort will happen to you cos by then, I believe everyone will also have doubts for you. Pls stay healthy for GOD'S SAKE!

Jolene said...


Thank you for your kind words. =)

An rss feature will be created soon. Thanx for your suggestion.

Do continue to come back here for new updates on char’s condition.



I thank you on behalf of cyn and also thanx for speaking my thoughts out.

Yes, it’s a coincidence that your sis-in-law and I are friends. I think we 3 were all quite surprised. ;)



I thank you on behalf of cyn and char.

From your little story about the lucky stars, I could tell that you are a very kind-hearted person who helps others without questioning. Anyway what’s $2 if it could help a little boy right? To you it may be a small token. To the boy, it may mean everything. =)

I guess Anonymous could not really discern the true essence of your story and what you are trying to tell him/her.



Thank you. I’m sure lil char will fight hard.



I thank you on behalf of cyn. =)



“i can't help but wonder why would someone even think of cursing her own goddaughter to scam people of their money”
My exact sentiments!

BTW do I know you? You seem to be aware of the contents of my personal blog but I don’t recall any friend with the initial of “yt”.

Thanx for your suggestion. I know you said it out of goodwill but I don’t need to reveal my personal blog here just to prove to Anonymous.

The truth is here and people who know us personally knows that… Just that it would probably take a much longer time to get through the head of Anonymous than any other strangers.


Anonymous #4 (comment #13),

I’ve written at the bottom of my note currently located under the world map:
“Edited to add: nuffnang has to screen the site's traffic for a while before including clickable ads here. Meanwhile, those with my personal blog's url, pls help to click on the ads from there. They're linked.”

We’ve to wait a little while more for nuffnang to release the clickable ads after monitoring the blog’s traffic. =)

When it’s up, do support by clicking. Thanx a lot.


Peter Chua,

We are in the midst of collating a list of donors to verify everyone's fundings. Do rest assure that we would have a proper track record up and running soon.

Meanwhile, Charmaine is warded at KK Children’s Tower Ward 76 till this Sunday (1st March 2009) when she would have finished her 1st chemo session.

On behalf of Cynthia, I thank you for your sincerity in helping this family.



What are you talking about??? Of course we are still close frenz! You are gonna be one of my jie meis k?

BTW, well said!



Thank you for keeping little Charmaine and her mum in prayers.



You have spoken my mind too! I didn’t see your comment yet as I guess we sent out at almost the same time.



Surprised to see someone from work leaving words of encouragement for Cynthia.

We really dread to think of how little Charmaine would cope with the whole process of chemo. I nearly cried while reading Cynthia’s sms to me about Charmaine’s latest condition. =(



Thank you very much. We have been doing quite a bit of research on Chinese Physicians too. I will add this to the compiled list. =)


Zanne, Joanne, Pixie, fluffy, Esther, Ling, FaithChua, Angela Chua, Jeffry Tan,

Well said all of you. From now on, we shall ignore the imbecile ok? I send my last reply to him/her then we shall all ignore.


Jeffry Tan,

Eh… so late still haven’t sleep? We got a wedding to attend later today leh. And I remember you work on Saturdays too right? Me too and we are so gonna die at work later.


Anonymous at 12.27am and 12.42am,

Sigh… I really hope this would be the last time I’m talking to you and the last time you are posting any comment without pausing to think… coz truth is, you just DON’T GET IT and I wonder if I should even spare the time to address a reply to you.

“Why is Char's family taking the back seat when THEY should be most concerned than Jolene?”
You know, I don’t really wish to make it sound so blatant that you are not very bright. In trying times like this, char’s family shows their concern by being in the hospital and giving char the support she needs. Cyn has to be by her side every minute of the day. How then is she supposed to come here to show her concern by replying to simple-minded people like you?

“Anyway, i'm uncomfortable with Jolene's role in this but to give u benefit of the doubt, i wish u well Charmaine.”
Please do not wish when you have no sincerity in doing so. Nobody's forcing you... don't feel compelled.

“But to contribute blindly is another matter.”
Like so many people who have brought to your attention, I have not forced anyone to contribute.

As for your reply to floffy…
She has not found any evidence. She knows the whole situation for she is a direct friend of Cynthia and me. I thought anyone could tell that it was pretty obvious.

Well, if this were a true fraudulent case, it would be a worthy one worth noting down in history—A fraudulent case wherby so many friends are in cahoots with one another just to cheat a single simple-minded Anonymous.

BTW, stop hiding behind the mask of Anonymous. If you are bold enough to question us, please be bold enough to reveal your name. If you are truly concerned about how the funds would be utilised, you would have drafted you comment in a cordial manner like Peter Chua and not reiterating the fact of using photos of char in chemo as a proof.

The whole ordeal of Charmaine is a reality. I almost wished it weren’t… but it is a depressing truth.

When the truth of the whole matter comes to you, I hope you don’t feel foolish making all the insensitive comments.

Peace for now.

jerm said...


regardless, people are bound to their own comments, no matter who Anonymous is, i'd be equally skeptical if i didn't know jolene personally, and if i didn't know of cynthia even though she may not remember me

the more important thing is, we do what we feel is right, in this case, Anonymous feels it isn't (perhaps?)

we can't force people to feel the same way we feel, so let's leave it at such, and move on, there are bigger matters at hand

yt said...

cynthia and charmaine, i wish mother and daughter hope and strength.

jolene, search and you will find. your blog is not too difficult to locate at all. sorry to invade your privacy but im quite curious about you and whatever you did for charmaine and cynthia. i read all you wrote about your godchildren and cynthia and i see all the photos. i know that this is not a scam at all.

to any sceptical people out there, this is true. please don't pretend you are very smart by questioning. if you have no intention to even do free things like offer your well wishes and click on the ads then why keep coming to make things difficult for cynthia, jolene and their friends?

even i donno them, i feel angry when you keep demanding for charmaine chemo photos and justifying you are rite. you are stupid and very heartless and i wish cancer dont befall on you.

Joclyn Chan said...

It reali saddens me after reading abt little Charmaine's condition.. I'll pray hard for this little princess to get well real soon.. Jolene, be strong, ur gal needs you.. Will continue to publish and spread those entries to as many pple as I can.. I hope by doing this could give u tht little support tht I hv.. Will get the funds transfer asap.. Small amount, but hope it make some difference.. God Bless Little Charmine and her Family..


Lynette said...

I will be praying hard for Char too. She's a strong little girl. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jolene,

I applaud your initiative to help a friend in need and sincerely wish the best for Charmine as well. I afraid though, people, esp singaporeans are a skeptical lot, and even more so after various charity frauds happening locally over the course of the past few years.

Think on the bright side. These are people who are willing and ready to help, they just want to be sure they are contributing to a real cause, else they would not even bother to ask. Implying they are not "bright" is in fact working against you; it made you sound defensive unecessarily.

The someone who is "not so bright" could be someone who wants to donate $10,000.00 to help charmine fight cancer.

In the fight for her recovery I am very sure every cent counts.

I hope you will consider bringing some media attention to this case; it could lend credibility and awareness of Charmine's situation.

p.s I hope that this actually come across as a sincere comment to shed some level of understanding between the blog owner and people questioning the authenticity of this issue, and not dismiss as another "insensitive idiot comment"


Fragment Two

Anonymous said...

Some people are really crazy or wat?!!
People is already worrying enough about little Charmaine's condition~
And these people still got time to think of doing n saying all these
insensitive, tactless n unkind things?!!
Can't believe it~ The Ugliness of Human~
U gotta feel ashamed of yourself for behaving like this!!!

I believe no 1 will ever curse their own close ones just for the sake of money loh~
If really got anyone do so just for money,
HEARTLESS! And God will deal with them!!!

I sincerely wish for little Charmaine to recover ASAP!!!
Her "fight the monster" make me *smile*~
Hope she continue to remain Positive and *JIA YOU*! *JIA YOU*!!!
God Bless this little GirL Please!!!

And Yah, I unable locate the Nuffnag ads, GirL (JoLene)~
Where are them???

U take very good care too~
And don't overtired yourself!!!

LoVe, VIVIEN~!!!

Gen said...

FCUK OFF anonymous!!!!! (referring to the insensitive one who's obviously not out to lend a helping hand)

She doesn't need to put in effort to convince you cos I don't think she needs your help.

People who are willing to help has been convinced.

Don't talk about "stupidity" here cos you have displayed a fair bit of it already.

Lynette said...

I find it difficult to understand why there are such people around. If you think this is a scam, dont read and dont donate. Its that simple. Nobody is forcing you to donate a cent.

As if its not bad enough to have such a young little girl suffering from cancer, some idiots have to come along and demand for proof of this and that.

I wonder if it were their loved one suffering from cancer, would they take photos of them undergoing chemotherapy and post on the internet for everyone to see?

Have some common sense and sensitivity please.

Bottom line is: If you think this is a scam, DONT DONATE and GO AWAY. Nobody is begging for your kindness.

Cynthia's ex colleague said...

I have been following on the comments for this post with great interest, anger and sense of justice. Many a times, I wanted to scold the insensitive anonymous but stopped myself from doing so as many people has already made valid points and its no use if I repeat the same thing.

However after reading anonymous, Jolene and Fragment 2’s comments again, I have something to say to Fragment 2.

You made many valid points and I agree fully on those. It is until I see the way you talk about “Implying they are not "bright" is in fact working against you; it made you sound defensive unecessarily.”

Coming from an outsider point of view, I would not even have thought that Jolene sounded defensive unnecessarily. I feel that Jolene was already being very polite when she said anonymous is “not very bright”. With all of us outsiders feeling angry and using words like “idiot” and “stupid”, I feel Jolene has displayed a high level of tolerance towards anonymous by using “not very bright”.

Why is it that Fragment 2 chooses to bring up this point after being so nice to Jolene and making many valid points? Could it be because Fragment 2 feels defensive? Could it be because Fragment 2 and STUPID and RETARDED (sorry mind my language Cynthia but I already feel this is being very lenient) anonymous are actually the same person?!

You also said that the someone not very bright could donate $10,000. If the person is really sincere in donating the $10,000, he or she would not have asked in the rude, unkind manner that insensitive anonymous has displayed. He or she would have sent an email to Jolene. This is my own opinion as this is what I would do if I want to donate $10,000.

Because you brought up this 2 points, I cannot help but wonder if you are actually insensitive anonymous in disguise. After being very nice and logical, Fragment 2 or insensitive anonymous felt that his or her pride was hurt and just had to bring these up while pretending to be another person which made me suspect. This is just my OWN OPINION and everyone has their right to wonder. But if me as an outsider have this suspicions, I wonder what the rest think.

In the possibilty that I am wrong and have in any way misunderstood Fragment 2, my deepest apology to you.

Anonymous said...

I must be very free to constantly check the comments here. I don't deny that each time I see the comments for this post increasing, I will click to read them.

Good that somebody bring this up. I thought I was being too suspicious of Fragment 2 that I ask the folks at work. Most of them also feel that Fragment 2 is being unnecesarily defensive of all the idiots. Since the incident has past, we folks also dont bother to say it out just talk among ourselves during coffee breaks. This page is very popular at my workplace.

Ok la. Maybe Fragment 2 is really another person. If so, then I also say sorry lor.

Anonymous said...


I am the "not so bright" skeptical anonymous. I just wanna thank you for your post. I guess these people here doesn't think that funds is more important than defending Jolene. Its ok to me now, since no action has been taken to validate themselves so far, i've no more business in this. I really question the truth & intention behind this fundraising stuff & Jolene's role in it. I've bring this blog to the media's attention & they're looking into it. Fragment, i'm sure if u read the rest of the posts here, u'd also feel that these people here have problem understanding the core of the issue. They stick to Jolene's butt blindly. I've donated a token of my late grandfather's (Ng Ah Hee) fund to the children cancer society. Too bad for Charmaine.

Anonymous said...

And just for fun, if people here are questioning anonymous identities (that he/ she could be same person with different posts/ names), may i enlighten their pea brains that Jolene (or someone else for that matter) could be one of us..???!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandson/daughter of Ng Ah Hee

Bravo for donating to children cancer society. But do you have to be so insensitive and rude to say things like ‘too bad for Charmaine’? You may be unhappy with Jolene but don’t bring Charmaine into this.

*Revealing the ward number is already the best validation

Cobbler Man said...

Hi All,

No, I'm not any of the above people who posted before, neither do I agree with everything they have said before that.

I wanted to state that skeptical people cannot be helped. They may not ask the most intelligent of questions, they may be insensitive, but fact if, if they are totally unconcerned, they would not be asking.

Pple like "Not so bright" seem to have asked a really harmless question - "Why is Char's family taking the back seat when THEY should be most concerned than Jolene?"

I just feel that such questions just need a simple answer without the need to imply that the person posting the question is lacking in intellect.

I would feel really put off if I'm a ready donor. Thats what I meant when I said Jolene is being unnecessarily defensive.

It doesn't mean that I feel Jolene should bent over backwards and entertain every single unreasonable request. I'm sure she is capable of discerning which are the unreasonable ones and which are not.

As this blog gets more publicity, and more readership, the likelihood of people questioning could go up. They could be some miser wanting to donate, but wants to make absolutely sure every cent goes to Charmine. They may want to visit Charmine. They will be asking some stupid questions, some intelligent ones. Not everyone is born with high EQ and IQ.

To keep bashing those possible donors who ask questions deem insensitive and stupid just doesn't seem like the wisest move to make.

I hope what I have posted make sense.

~ Fragment 2

vivian said...

Obviously the rude and insensitive anonymous fellow gets high on seeing people respond to his/her comments. Best way is to ignore, delete his/her comments and they’ll eventually go away.

Joyce said...

As a mother, i know it's never easy to make any decision for a child especially one as tough as yours.

Even when there is nothing else to hang on to, you must believe in yourself and the decision you have made in good faith :)

Danny said...

*Revealing the ward number is already the best validation" Damnit. Another bird-brain. Didn't u get the msg frm Jolene tt Char is "discharged" on Sunday?! Coincidence? I dun tink so. Suspicious? Definitely! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
C.I.D said...

If i'm gonna fork out $ tis is where its going to for a REAL cause

Hey Jo, chck it out to c how its been done up. U r a loser in tis area. Hope u gain lots of $ in ur scam! Note: the nuffnang ads is a sure giveaway.

the_architect said...

Hi Jolene & Cynthia,

Really sorry to witness this unnecessary backlash getting out of hand. I find myself shaking my head as i read thru' the long list of heated and often misconstrued exchanges. Good intentions are often misunderstood but people who know the truth will stand by you :)


Jolene said...

Copied, edited to remove my blog link and pasted: said...
I rcv tis link frm a frd's frd's frd's blog. I didn't spend long to laugh tis off as a joke. Jolene & her gang here tink tt they can easily con people's $$$ wifout d need to prove themslves! Hey, by clickg nuffnang ad she gets a profit too! Easy. Jolene tinks she can probably "hide" behind her personal blog? Google it & here it is [link removed]
if u R such a saint, y not reveal it? Unless........ C'mon, i'm outta here. if i ever rcv tis link again via emails or watsoever, i'm callg d police!


My reply:
I haven't been deleting any comments at all as I've got nothing to hide. I would have to delete yours with my blog link removed as I don't want it to be publicised here. Yes, I'm aware that my personal blog is linked to many of my friends' sites and thus easily searchable. If any of you want to search for it, pls do so from there.

Charmaine suffering from Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer is indeed true and I really wished it wasn't.

I don't owe anyone an explanation here coz people who know Cynthia and me would know better. If you don't know us and refuse to believe, it's really fine.

Jolene said...

the_architect/ caiyi,

I just saw your comment. It's ok if there are people who continue to think it's a scam. As long as our frenz and other people who know us know the truth, it's ok. =)

Third Person said...

I manage to see your comment before being deleted. I spent a good 3 hours plus reading and clicking around jolene's blog. Using my heart to think, i am quite sure that this whole case is true.

Why do I say that?
From the love i see for her godkids. I read all their outings from as far as 2006. I read the comments posted under the posts. This woman love cynthia and her kids a lot. I don't think anybody with the right mind would want to make use of her godkid whom she love to cheat people of their money unless she is really heartless.
How i wish jolene did not delete the comment with her blog url because people who go in can definitely see the truth.

I am a 3rd degree separation from cynthia. My friend is cynthia's brother's friend. cynthia's brother sent email to his friends and I saw it from my friend's blog and so I got here. If this family or jolene want to cheat people of their money, they are definitely roping in too many people in their scam. This is Singapore. Very small. If so many people are involve it's easy to track them down. I don't think they would do that.

I suggest everyone who think this is a scam go read jolene's blog. It's easy to search as i tried googling for it even when i had the url just to check how easy it is. Just like me, i think most of you would come to the same conclusion as me that this is not a scam.

I used only a little bit of logical thinking, much common sense and lots of heart to come to this conclusion. And please if you still don't believe don't write nasty things. Can you imagine how much this family have to suffer only to come in here and see people saying it's not true. The least you could do is just not bother them anymore.
I trust my judgement and I trust my friend who is cynthia's brother's friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny,

If you were to read carefully, Char has been discharge from the 1st session of chemo. That means she will be back for a 2nd session. The validation was for people last week who thinks that it's a scam in which they can visit Char b4 she was discharge. Pls read carefully next time b4 calling people bird brain (which i think it's the pot calling the kettle black)

Anonymous said...

OKOK, Charmaine HAS cancer. But fund raised here's FOR her? Scam.

the_architect said...

To annoymous March 3, 2009 11:11 AM

Do you think you sound very smart by raising every little ridiculous possibility of an imaginary scam? Pls, for the sake of yourself, go reflect on ur needless comments.

EMAIL: said...

aiya! Annoymous is so attention seeking. very obvious signs of this syndrome.
jus ignore 'it' and i'm sure we can do wifout it's funds. continue to be skeptical for all we care! save your saliva!!

CYN n CHAR!! jiayou! :D. I remain cheerful for ur sakes cos all the comments here, most r quite indignant?

EMAIL: said...

Annoymous is only out to A-N-N-O-Y.
tok so much still wun donate. dun waste time

Wat Is Luv ??? said...

after reading this blog my whole heart melted, and really dont understand why in the world there is YOU ppl thinking this is a fruad. who the hell in earth will curse thier own beloved. for sure u r not a parent so therefore u dont understand the feel of a parent, and if u dont understand pls stop makinf a fool of urself here trying to act smart. spare so thought for cny. nobody force you to contribute to the fundraising.

Dear Jolene and Cny, stay strong and god will be with u always and Charmaine will make it 加油. Will help to pass your msg on to ppl out there.

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