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Saturday, February 28, 2009

at 21:55 27th February 2009...

"She cried for 2hrs and cried herself to sleep. Cried so hard that the blood was flowing out from e heart. :-( she was in discomfort and pain. But she tried to control, and she would burst out crying when she couldn't control. I dunno where is her pain but she kept crying and i feel Shit."

N/B: Charmaine has a portacath located at her chest area.


at 07:50 28th February 2009...

our princess finally fell alseep after the crying and med. She dutifully wakes up every 2hrs to pee without me having to persuade her. And the first time at 12midnight, i asked her if She's in pain. She said loudly nope and even told me that 'mummy, i'm not scared if i pain pain!' i nearly cried out.

at 07:54 28th February 2009...

After all the nauseating and pain last night, she actually can tell me that she's not afraid first she wakes up. I really dunno what to say. But i know she's a fighter that she will win this battle.

N/B: Chemo patients have to pee regularly every 2 hours as the drugs are too strong and damaging to the body.


yt said...

charmaine is such a brave gal! charmaine you hang on there. everyone know you are fighting hard.

cynthia, you must be very proud of charmaine will to fight.

i donno u, charmaine and jolene but i have come to know all of you when i chance on jolene's own blog. i already feel like i know all of you.


Kang Jun said...

Heaven helps those who helps themselves. I'm sure charmaine will be fine. You guys must stay strong for her alright?

WingYee said...

i can understand the fighting is very tough for the little princess...but i would like to believe that you will win!! try to be you!!

AngelicaLovesPink said...

I did a little blog post for the princess :) the least that i could do.
so that people who come to my blog will know about her..
may God bless Charmaine :)

Rykiel said...

Psalm 107:19–20

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His words and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.

By Christ's stripes,Charmine will be healed! Lets not focus on the disease and manifest on it instead look unto God's almighty healing for the little girl.

God is with you Charmine, fear not. For God so love the world, he has given his begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Pls encourage the little gal and her family to partake the holy communion daily to release faith for her healing.

Pray: Thank you Jesus for your broken body. It is for my healing, my family's healing and my children's healing. Thank you that by your strpes, by the beating you bore, by the lashes which fell on your, we are completely healed. I believe i receive. (Take the bread)

Next Hold the cup in your hand and say :

Thank you Jesus for the new covenant cut in your blood. Your blood has brought me forgiveness and washed me from every sin. I thank you that your blood has made me righteoug. And as i drink, i celebrate and partake of the inheritance of the righteous, which preservation, healing, wholeness and prosperity. (Drink)

Colleague from behind (and below) said...

Yo Jolene,

Your colleague from hell sends his regards.

I wish you, Cyn and Char life and health. And if health be impossible, then the strength to endure pain till the very end.

As you should already know, I'm a cynic. So I'm not going to tell you all the crap about how there is a rainbow at the end of every storm and all the fairy tale bullshit. If miracles happen, well and good. I pray so. I really do. If not, then we struggle on in the dark like Sisyphus of old, until the end befalls us, and we return to where we should be - beyond, above, or below ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyn,

My love one just passed away from cancer. I know this is not one of the encouraging post. But i know how tough it is to see your love one going thru all these. I am also a mother of two.

Just to remind you to be strong and do take care of yourself while taking care of charmaine. Meanwhile will keep you all in prayers.


June said...

I know Charmaine will be strong & will continue to fight "the monster" in her & eventually defeat it =)

"Jia You" & god bless! Hugz

Btw to Jolene - i hope your friend can design & include a new badge cause the long shape one can't seems to fit in my blog. Thanks yah =)

peace is more than the absence of war said...

though i am just a visitor and do not know who this family is, I would like to say some things. I can't believe that such a cute girl will get cancer.
I hope you all will hang in there and go through this obstacle together.
She has so much fighting spirit in her:)
best wishes to charmaine.
hope she continues with her positive attitude, determination and perseverance:)
all will go well...

Anonymous said...

Have not surf LD for the longest while. I have a 15 month old son, and reading about Charmaine broke my heart . I cannot imagine the pain and fright her mommy has to go thru to brave the fight against cancer , yet to soldier on & remain stoic . My prayer are with charmaine..


“Be strong and take heart,all you who hope in the Lord. (Psalm 31:24)

gwen said...

Dear Charmaine and Cynthia

Hang in there! I'm sure you can defeat the monster in Charmaine's tummy!

Meddy said...

God bless you both- Cynthia, for being such a wonderful mother, and Charmaine, for your brave determination in fighting the monster. God be with you always.

Never give up. I believe victory is near soon

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