Charmaine would be starting on her chemotherapy later today

Thursday, February 26, 2009

If Cynthia had clearly made up her mind and stuck to what she last informed me a few hours ago, Charmaine would be starting on her chemotherapy tomorrow or rather, later today.

Yes, yes people who talked to me would know that I'm not a great supporter of putting Charmaine through chemotherapy with only 10% chance. Cynthia used to have the same thoughts too. Even her pragmatic brother who used to always go by treatments backed by doctors and hospital (in cyn's words) was also having 2nd thoughts about putting Charmaine through chemo. On Monday, we just kept thinking of alternative treatments.

I really hate all the side effects of chemo which would cause Charmaine to be a totally changed person. We really could not bear the thoughts of putting her through all the pain, changing her lifestyle and subsequently, her character.

I cannot bear the thoughts that the strongest chemo would be used on Charmaine who is just a little girl. I cannot imagine all her healthy cells being killed and her organs affected. I cannot imagine confining her at home. (She is not allowed to go out as her immunity system would be low and she is forbidden to play with other children as well.) What kind of life would that be for our active little girl?

There were certain incidents which threw up new light and made Cynthia decide that putting Charmaine through chemo is the best option. I would think that Cynthia's decision would be prudent as she knows what's best for her daughter and I totally support her decision.

This is quite random but being the 10%-is-akin-to-0% chance Jolene that I am, I suddenly had a very strong conviction while having warm water running over my head. A conviction which tells me that miracles can happen. This conviction rang so clearly in my mind that I truly believe it's a sign.


I thought of putting up some photo stories of Charmaine highlighting all the play sessions and outings we had throughout the years. I've asked for cyn's permission to post up more photos here and she's fine with it.

I'll wait for the response to see if I should really do it.

Hence comes the poll...

Do you want to see more cute photos of Charmaine?

Let me know what you think! =)


floffy said...

hi cynthia! stay positive!

and dear charmaine.. u are really a brave ger! *claps for u*

Janice said...

Little charmaine is always in my tots and daily prayers. you can surely fight the monsters!!! Jiayou jiayou!!

April said...

Would love to see more of her photo!

Jiayou Charmaine!

Enqi said...

i'll certainly be keeping her in my prayers. hugs.

sayfromage said...

I came across this site from my friend's blog and it broke my heart to see such a lovely girl having to deal with illness and pain at this young age. Her indomitable spirit is amazing, and I hope she stays strong. I just said a prayer for her and her loved ones. Please keep safe and be strong in the Lord's provision. Take care!

Eugene Tham said...

After reading this post, I can almost feel the pain of undergoing Chemo treatment. Years ago, the mother of a very close deaf friend suffered from intestinal cancer. I can still remember the pain she had during chemo treatment. I would like to say, "Charmaine, I know it's uncomfortable, you gotta be strong!"

LHY said...

Reading this blog really broke my see such a little darling undergoing so much pain at such a young age. My mom had cancer and went thru chemo before, hence i can imagine what will Charmaine go through. She's a brave little girl and will definitely pass thru this phase and get well! Let's believe in her fighting spirit!
I have transferred a small token to her account..hope it helps.

Joanne Loh said...


Anonymous said...


My heart goes out to little Char and what Cyn has to go through. Will keep them in my prayers.

Cynthia is indeed very fortunate to have a good friend like you.


deedee said...

i wish i can be there to hug Charmaine, Cyn and you... *BIG HUG*

Hanjing said...

Yes! Please show sweet little Charmaine's photos here since you don't want your own blog to be link here, people won't get to see her cute photos. If you find it take up time, you can just extract from your personal blog to put here like what you did with the in front posts.

Steven said...

Of course we want to see more cute photos. Thanks Jolene for keeping us all updated. Little Char and Cyn have been in my thoughts every day since I heard of Char's illness. Keep up the good fight!


Sam said...

Dear Princess Charmaine, I will pray for your speedy recovery. You will definitely win the battle against the evil monsters!

amanda/sutian said...

Cynthia, stay strong and positive! we'll all pray for miracle to happen. Little charmaine will win this battle!

my favourite little cousin, 9years old this year, is undergoing chemptherapy too. he is diagnosed with bone cancer during CNY this year. i cried so much.. it really hurts so much and i'm so angry that life is so unfair! but we'll never give up.
i understand your pain. at times of despair, think of how brave charmaine is fighting and so many strangers praying for charmaine and your family. be strong :)

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