Waiting yet not willing for this day to come

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'll be taking leave to accompany cyn and her bro for the family conference tomorrow. I wish to be well-informed about char's condition yet I dun wish to know all the negative aspects of it at the same time.

We really have to brace ourselves for tomorrow.

Please help us to pray for hope.


Edited to add:
- Please help me to spread this blog link to people you know.
- The nuffnang ad here is still not working. Friends with my personal blog url, pls help to click on the ads there instead. Thank u very much.
- I really din expect the good response. An account would be set up soon. In the meantime, pls continue to inform me of your interest in helping cyn and char in any way. =)


Yining said...

Came upon your site through a friend in Facebook. Will be praying for you. Have you tried Google's Adsense for the ads?

Stay strong!

Ellen Hanson said...

I hope you get better news than you are expecting tomorrow.
Best Wishes, she is a beautiful little girl!
Ellen Hanson, Cape Cod, Ma. USA

shirley.w said...

getting to know this link through facebook-(alvin's link it)
let's jiayou for your daughter, and remember don't lose hope.
a quote to share: life is like a taxi meter,even if stops at the traffic light,the meter will still continue to rate,so be contended and live happy always...:)

LaRiNa said...

got to know this blog through a friend.
be strong for your dear lovely Charmaine!
she needs love, concern, encouragement & support from her dear family who loves her very much.
if there is any way I can help, I'd be glad to do so.. =)
Hope is there for us and it will appear out of nowhere.

Angela said...

Hi Jolene, thx for putting up this blog for Charmaine. Want to know the latest updates but didnt want to sms cyn to disturb her.

Cyn mummy, remember I will always here for you. Let me know when I can accompany you everyday.

Jolene said...

Hi Yining,

Thanx a lot for your thoughts and prayers. =)

Thanx for the suggestion. I think nuffnang is a wise choice since it's concentrated locally and in Malaysia. I just have to wait patiently for nuffnang to screen the site's traffic first before inputting ads here.

I heard that for other ads, it would take ages to collect the sum and also it would be a lot lesser after all the transaction and exchange rates.

Jolene said...

Hi Ellen Hanson,

You left me a note on my personal blog too rite? Just wondering how you got there. =) Anyway, thanx for leaving a note here and for the urls.

Jolene said...

Hi shirley.w,

Thanx for your comment. I'm sure Cynthia would see your note and nice quote. =)

Jolene said...

Hi LaRiNa,

Love your last line a lot:
"Hope is there for us and it will appear out of nowhere."

You can help by making a donation or simply by clicking on the nuffnag ads when it starts to run. =)

Jolene said...

Hi Angela,

You are the same Angela we met at the ward the other night? Yup, do come by here for updates. I think it's quite overwhelming for Cynthia to be alwayz replying to sms-es. I told her that she could start directing all her frenz here. Hope you all would find this site useful. =)

I'm sure cyn will see your msg. If not, I'll just update her.

Angela said...

Hi Jolene, I understand. Were you the one who came like 11pm with you parents? Sorry i cant rmb. Have to see your face then will know. Im that fren who will always call Cyn "mummy"

Dun worry, I understand Cyn situation. If there's anything I can help, just let me know. my mobile is 81233609. Cyn maid, Sonia, shd have my mobile number too.

If Jase need someone to play with him, i also can drop by their house to play with him or bring him out. at least cyn can concentrate on charmaine and less worry for jase.

Jolene said...


Haha.. You ah, always cannot remember.. and to think I'm the one who's always bad at recognising people. Yes that's me. The one who said you look familiar (but hey I'm not trying to pick you up =P) Hee... And you're the one they call "Angela jie jie" rite?

I think Jase needs quite a lot of attention too. But sometimes really quite tough to give him adequate time and attention. He's after all too young to understand what's really happening to mei mei.

K I've saved ur no just in case. Thanx for your concern. Cyn wld b very touched. =)

Angela said...

Yeap. Jase and Charmaine call me that. If Jase wants to go out or someone to play with him, Im more than happy to do so =)

And to Cyn mummy:
Mummy, you must stay strong. All of us will pray for Char.

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