A little thanks from ourfeistyprincess

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charmaine has been very happy these few days, and as usual, while Char jiejie is working to earn her ticket to New York this holiday, she makes funny faces to entertain poor jiejie. =D

Lucky charms on Charmaine, her HAMA is tested negative so her second round of 3F8 will start soon. Her first, was a nightmare for all of us, let's pray her second will be alright.

And yes,a little thanks from Charmaine, here's her cheeky face.

love, Charlene


love_is_all_around said...

Princess will be fine for this second round treatment! :) The monster is so tiny mini now!

JulietJas said...

Praise God! I thank God that our prayers answered! =)

Will continue to keep Char's healing in my prayers.


Love Aunty J

Mama Joan said...

Praise God! thank you for thy healing on Charmaine. I ask Lord to continue your healing on Charmaine and grant her a speedy and full recovery. During this period of time when this family are overseas, i pray for thy protection over them, bless them in each and every way, Lord and protect them from all evils. In Jesus name, Amen!

Charmaine, jia you!!
Jase, jia you!!
Cyn, jia you!! Remember: All things are possible with God!

phoenixbabe said...

Yippies!!! Praise The Lord for answered prayers!!!

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love how Char looks in this picture, Soooo Cheeky! :)

Ms. Potatoe said...

Good luck for round 2!!!!!!!!!! We are sure that you'll beat the monster down :)))



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