A long over-due THANK YOU note...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello to all the friends (and friends that have been silently following the blog's updates but whom I've never had a chance to meet),

Before I forget (which is so terrible but yet, my brain just doesnt seem to be able to keep that much things anymore) and as time passes by me so quickly... I need to write this THANK YOU note to some of the kindest souls living amongst us...

From the day our flight took off...

1) The entire SIA crew, including the Captain! --- That was definitely the best first flying experience any mother could ever ask for, for their kids!

2) Barby and all the ground crew --- whom even rushed to buy MacDonald for Jase and Charmaine because they were hungry. And even visited us in RMH!

3) Ray and Orathai --- for so kindly picking us up at the airport and rushing to buy dinner and grocery for us! Amidst all the prep - I had actually forgotten toothpaste and you had saved our day!

4) Iris and family --- TOO MUCH HELP! I cant even begin to name one!

5) Chorina --- for putting in so much effort in helping and introducing dear Steph into our lives!

6) Stephanie --- The list is starting to get too long as well!

7) Vivian --- for the yummy chicken curry and prata. The kiddos love it!

8) Auntie Jasmine and Auntie Vivienne ---J for your HEADSTAND (haha) and the wonderful beauty services provided ;-) and Auntie Whee Whee for the eyeliner lessons! Above all, for the wonderful 9 days spent with us when I needed someone most...

9) Li Ching --- for offering assistance and being worried!

10) George and Lisa Westberry and not forgetting Elizabeth --- for being a part of Charmaine' s treatment in NYC! From room-mates to life-long friends...

11) Beatrice and Laura --- for sharing your experiences with me

12) Auntie Fanny and Sandra --- Folks I know I can depend on!

13) Patty --- for being one of the first to prepare me on what to expect!

14) RMH


16) Cheryl and family and all the mummies who helped! --- We receive all your beautiful bags and I am using them everyday!

17) Amelia, Huiping and Poh Kim and Auntie Meiling --- YES, we received your cards and love!

18 Chew Lian and family --- I owe you a great deal! Your CDs, your shoes... the never ending gifts coming along our way... THANK YOU!

19) Clara --- for the all so important medical supplies from NUH!

20) All the well-wishers whom wrote touching words and prayed so hard for my entire family, especially for Charmaine.

The list will go on and on... I will keep updating it as time goes by...

This is a note to myself more than anything. I dont want to forget all the people, whether its due to time, or due to my failing memory... I want to remember all of you when I grow old... Whether I can or cannot repay this gratitude... the least I can do is to remember the kind deeds so selflessly showered upon me and my family when I needed help most...

The brain is such an interesting mechanism... almost an irony... I notice myself penning down words during the most painful times in my life and never once during the most enjoyable... Its like I can write so effortlessly and let the tears flow... I remembered once I had promised myself to write down how happy I had felt for that day... however, I just couldnt. The words couldnt gel... I simply wasnt in the mood to write...

So when I flip those pages now... I only read of those tough times and those trying days...
And thankfully for Jolene and Charlene... this story book of Charmaine gets to be filled up with all the fun and laughters and beautiful memories that I will get to read and re-read...

Its getting late now... I shall fill everyone in on our baking activity next time round!

May eveyone be blessed with happiness and health, as always!

Cyn mommy


Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

Take it easy, glad that Charmaine is responding well with the treatment. We all will be looking forward to see you guys back in Singapore next year.
Take care

Kashi's Creations said...

Hi Cym Mummy,

Visiting your blog and praying for charmaine is part of my morning routine. My kids were so happy to see her recent pictures with new growth of hair.

May god continue to bless her. Please take care of yourself.

JulietJas said...

Dear Cyn,

We miss you and the kiddos. Miss the times spent with you guys too. Will continue to cover all of you with prayers.

Big HUGS...J

Bags Heaven said...
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Bags Heaven said...

Dear Cyn,

Glad that you and kiddos loves the chicken curry and prata, my next visit trip will be laksa or mee siam of your choice.. haha, nothing much i can help out with, only capable of bringing you some "home" food :)

Was nice chatting with you that night, so hope that my next trip will be a longer session for us :)


susanteh said...

Dear Cyn Mummy

As much as you thank everyone - friends, family, strangers - for the help rendered to your family, I'd also like to thank you (in a way). Dare I say that this whole effort has really brought out the best in many of us, as we read of Charmaine's fight and your love for your children. As such, may I also thank YOU for allowing us the opportunity to tbe part of this journey, and to witness how kind strangers can be to one another!

IMHO, the many Singapore Courtesy Campaigns, Kindness Campaigns etc haven't done as much to draw out the kindness within us as has this journey with you and your family.

May God continue to bless Charmaine, Jase and you as the treatment continues. Take care.

Kashi's Creations said...

Dear Cym Mummy

Susnateh has correctly worded many of our feeling. Little charmaine has taught me many valuable lessons in life. I feel so small when i get angry or frustrated over small things. Looking at your courage and charmaine's determination, I get encouraged to move ahead. You have touched many of our lives in such positive ways.

After I started visiting your blog, I must admit I've become a better person, more thankful, more adjusting towards my hubby, more accepting towards my kids. I no longer worry about their school or looming PSLE next year. I'm just happy to do my best and accept the rest of them as they are.

Myself and my kids will pray and wait for the day when we can welcome you 3 back at changi, triumphant.


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