Round 2 3F8 Day 3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SMS 0808 (SG Time)

Today is hellish =( She experienced alot of pain, abt 20mins and they had to increase the Dilaudid to 4 doses. As such, she has been drowsy since. Vomited again. Couldn't keep her anti vomit pill either. Hasn't eaten. Drank only sips. And still suffering from pain on both legs now. Yesterday was slightly better. But today was just bad.

SMS 0911 (SGTime)
Legs still painful. but she's hungry. Just order food. Hopefully she can keep it in.

Love, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

Charmaine, Jia You!! Everytime u suffered, baby monster suffered double!! U are going to win baby monster! Jia You!!

love_is_all_around said...

Dear Princess Charmaine, you are wonderful fighter! Nothing is impossible ok? Baby monster inside is disappearing everyday!!


yaya said...

Dear Charmaine, you will be fine after all. Continue to fight on, jiayou!

Michel said...

Charlene, try asking for a suppository type of anti-vomit medicine. My gal once too could not keep the oral one down and the suppository ones work magic....vomitting stops...

JulietJas said...

Praying for you Char. Big HUGS from Aunty J

2am said...

If I did not understanding wrongly regarding HAMA, I think Charmine's pain is due to side effect of 3F8 treatment which is why she is in pain during the treatment. If she has HAMA, then 3F8 is no longer effective, and this is only round 2, and she needs 2-4 round of 3F8 at least. Good news: 3F8 is taking its effect. Bad news: So much pain to take. I'm not sure to be happy or sad about it, but whatever it is, it will be for the better of tomorrow! So, JiaYou Charmine, you are only a little bit more to make baby monster disappear!! God Blessed you!

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Jolene said...

I think your understanding is correct. That's why it's always a dilemma for 3F8 parents. Seeing their children suffering in pain and yet it's for the better.

Not too sure how it goes. Just sent you an email.


Thanx to all feisty readers and to those who always leave their words of encouragement. All these little words mean so much to Cynthia and Charmaine and Jase kor kor of coz.

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