Round 2 3F8 starts tomorrow

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have not gotten any updates yet from Cynthia on her round 2, but as soon as I get it, it will be updated.

Here's Charmaine's schedule in a nutshell:
1) 4th round 3F8 from 9/11/09 to 13/11/09
2) Accutane (which is oral).
3) Bone marrow biospy in Dec 2009 after 4th round of 3F8 (no fixed date yet)
4) 5th round 3F8 from 11/1/10 to 15/1/10.
5) Accutane #5
6) Accutane #6
7) Bone marrow biopsy in April 2010.

The more 3F8 for Charmaine, the better it is for her. Let's pray that Charmaine's *HAMA does not develop until after the 8th or 9th round of 3F8.

Her schedule is once again, tentative, depending on everything else that matters most.

But hey, the schedule looks good for a good Xmas trip!!! =D

I shall ask for some selfish prayers that... there would be no official trips in December and that my leave would be approved!

Good nite to all angels and I will try to update again tmr.

Edited to add:
0800 (SG Time)

It was yet another tough day for Cyn Mommy and Princess. Monday of each treatment round, will be the worst, as a parent of neuroblastoma had told Cyn Mommy. It never get easier, it seems.

Charmaine has just took her medication 5 mins ago. Her treatment was around 12-2am (SG Time) and she only managed to sleep 3 hours after the painkiller was given to her. Breathing was much worse and all types of oxygen masks were given to her today. It was worse than Round 1, but Cyn mommy seemed to be calmer than the first. Strong!
There was a boy that was nearly lost, in his third round, and another girl, who had the doctors and nurses sent scrambling to her ward.
Do pray for these little warriors too =D

What was Jase doing then?
While entertaining himself, he had constantly been asking Cyn Mommy, do you need any help?
I miss them... so.. I am on waitlist! whee~

Love, Charlene

Edited to add nuggets of information:

What is HAMA?
HAMA stands for "human anti-mouse antibodies." HAMA measures how strongly the body's immune system is reacting to 3F8. 3F8, like most monoclonal antibodies, comes from the white blood cells of a mouse. This means that 3F8 looks different from a human antibody, and thus patients will eventually form antibodies (HAMA) against 3F8. Once a patient has developed HAMA, 3F8 treatments no longer effective because the HAMA blocks the 3F8 from getting to neuroblastoma cells. If the patient has received the desired amount of 3F8 (see next question for further information) by the time HAMA has developed, then treatment with 3F8 will be discontinued. However, if the patient has not yet received the desired amount, it is possible that HAMA may recede, and in that case we can resume 3F8 treatments. We conduct a blood test for HAMA usually one to two weeks after each round of 3F8 infusions. Patients with HAMA usually do not have pain or other side effects from 3F8 treatment.

Is HAMA good or bad?
HAMA is a positive sign in that it may mean the patient is developing an immune response against the neuroblastoma. However, when HAMA develops before the patient has received the usual 400 mg/m2 of 3F8 (two to four cycles), it may interrupt treatment. (As noted above, once HAMA is present, the 3F8 treatment is no longer effective.) Once HAMA has receded, treatment can resume. Most patients who have received chemotherapy only a short time before 3F8 treatment do not produce HAMA because part of their immune system is too suppressed. In these cases, 3F8 treatment will usually continue for up to two years. The aim of our protocols is to give repeated treatments with 3F8 until HAMA is made, because we believe that approach yields the best chances for cure. We continue to study HAMA to get a better understanding of how it may hurt or benefit patients in the long term.

MSKCC website]


yaya said...

I hope Little Charmaine has a smooth & importantly painless round 2 3F8...Amitaba


Mama Joan said...

Jia You, lil Princess!!!

Bingz said...

to miss cynthia: u've been a strong mum! and i believe tt u, charmaine and jase will be able to tide through this period! be strong, and continue to have faith!

to charmaine: you are a really really brave girl! i believe many jie jies and kor kors out there will see you as their cute little superhero! keep up the good work! and there are many people out there who are praying for you! jia you, little princess!

phoenixbabe said...

Cyn Mommy, well done! We are all behind you.. give me a buzz whenever u need to talk ok?

Char, Aunti Whee Whee and so many jies jies and aunties have been watching out and praying for you.. You have been one brave gal. My super Moley Moley!

Jase kor kor, you very good boy!.. pls continue to show mummy and mei mei yr love and help.And most importantly try to drink more water or yr favourite chrysanthemum tea so you wont be ' heaty' again k?

Will be praying very hard!! God is with you , through it all.

victoria chin said...

jia huiii.. I remember in my praying..

LorEtTa (",) said...

God bless charmaine and family!! you are sure one very strong little girl...
God bless you..

love_is_all_around said...

Jia you! Little princess!!! :D

Chris said...

Thank you Jolene for the update.
Will be praying for Charmaine, Cyn and Jase. With so many of us out there praying for Charmaine, God will surly hear and answer our prayer for her.

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