On a more serious note.. Accutane

Monday, September 21, 2009

There has not much information on Accutane, besides that it is used as a cosmetic drug, curing acne problems.
Accutane provides serious emotional stirs up, and Charmaine is expected to be grumpier, and throwing alot of tantrums when this drug is added to her. Having her eating it, will also be one of the challenges expected.
This coming week, she will be doing her Bone Marrow biopsy for research purposes, and hope her results will help the doctors to understand more on how her medication has been working on.
The kids have been fine after Charmaine is off from 3F8. She has counted and kept emphasizing, how many times she has gone through this painful drug. Auntie Iris had been a great help over there, bringing the kids and Cyn Mommy out and we are so glad to have her. Not forgetting, the much needed local helps there too!

Weather is turning cold and it makes a perfect time to head to New York.

Love, Char


JulietJas said...

Dear Cyn,

We'll be praying that despite the 'side effects' of the drugs prescribed, God will shower Char with so much of His love, JOY and peace. That she will be so filled with the JOY of the Lord and the JOY of the Lord is her strength.

BIG hugs...Aunty J

Pixie said...

Hi Jasmine,
Charmaine agrees to eat Accutane and thinks it is ok tasting. =D

YAY!!! thanks!

Email Cyn Mommy instead cos her msn is down.

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