Round 2 3F8 Day 4

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our darling princess is back from her war =)

"Moley moley!"

Called her this morning, and boy, is she full of naughty plots:
- to poke WK and my butts
- to flush us down the toilet
- put us up the hot air balloon
- throw us at the skating rinks
you name it, she has thought of it all.
Yes, God ma Jolene and Uncle KH, u all are spared from the torture. This morning, she decided only WK korkor and Charlene jiejie to be punished!
Then, Jase jase joined in and listed his Brightkids friends (teo chew meng - yes he calls him by the surname as well i dunno why?!, weiyang etcetc that I cant catch all), and of course Charmaine has pulled up the handsome Savron, the pretty Skylar, in her battalion too. So what can I do? I transformed into the motorbot, that got shot down by Cyn Mommy even larger motorbot and eventually I have to lose... haha...else, I will get a loud "hmphf" from Charmaine and with her "yng yng" and all spread on my face.

When asked her how she is feeling, she said she is fine. "But I heard u crying that day wor" and she is embarrassed. Charmaine has a very strong character from her mom. She doesnt like to show her weakness in front of others. So she commanded me never to hear her cry again. (else, yeah, the same "yng yng" treatment will be thrown down to me)

And then she goes happily saying..
"U know ah, the 3F8, I do so many times already...." and suddenly changes her topic "this Jase jase ah, everytime touch my face and kiss me when i talking" Haha!
While I never got to know what she want to say on the 3F8, it pretty much amuses me!

Yes, all in all, the kiddos are back in shape, and thanks for everyone prayers that today, is a much better one for them.

Cyn's internet is down, so no skype photos, no msn photos for this period of time.

Love all, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

Thank you God for your hands of mercy on Charmaine n her family. May i ask for thy hands to be continue on this family till the day that Charmaine is totally healed. Thank you God, in Jesus Name, Amen!

Good Job Princess!!

totoro said...

Hi Charlene,

Thank you so much for the update. I was so worried when i read the previous day that Princess required oxygen mask after her treatment.

Please hug Princess for us as soon as you get to NY !

phoenixbabe said...

Yeah! Praise The Lord!

So happy to know Moley Moley is back in action!!

love_is_all_around said...

Glad to know that Princess is active again. Jase jase kor kor and Cyn mama must have been very attentive to her these days. Take care all! :)

cyn said...

Hi Cyn Mummy

Charmaine sure has come a long way. It's really heartening to hear how emotionally strong she is and how Jase has been a blessing to you both. You are constantly in my prayers, not just Charmaine, but Jase as well. Do take care :)

JulietJas said...

Praise God! We will continue to fight this monster together.

Daily I give thanks that HE is your strength, healer and grace.

Jase kor kor: You are so sweet. I'm sure mei mei loves your kisses =)

Char mei mei: You are such a brave girl! Big HUGS

Love Aunty J

2am said...

Charmine, it is okie to cry lah. Crying is not a sign of showing weakness. It is just a way of releasing the pain you endured for the treatment. So cry as much as you want, you feel better! Happy to know that you are feeling better today! God Blessed you angel!

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