The Log Cakes Arrived....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just as arranged, the cakes by Icing Room has arrived in KKH for the kids to decorate for their loved ones to eat. Charmaine and Jase were thrilled to see the white cream based log-cakes with colourful creams tubes to decorate the cakes.

It started off in finding ways to make our princess happy during this painful chemo and it became hours of fun for Charmaine, forgetting the pain this chemo brings to her.

Kids love arts and craft, loves handiwork. Our dearest princess is definitely one of them. Love how she spend efforts in thinking who to decorate the cake to, and how she will decorate. Love how all these made her forget the pain she is going through, forget that she is in war with the monster in her. We probably would not know why, decorating a cake brings so much joy in her. But all we know is, it brings a smile to our little girl, who has been vomitting, fever, refusing to eat over the last few days.

Thank u Breadtalk, thank u Icing Room, thank u delivery van, and thank u Jessie and team for their swift responses and getting this request up in such a short time. Thank you all, for bringing strength to our little one, when she badly needs a happy diversion of energy.

Merry Xmas all, and pray for Charmaine smoothy recovery on her last day chemo! =)

^^ Happy Holidays!

Love, Charlene


kittymin said...

Merry christmas to Cynthia, Char and her beloved kor kor! continue to fight on our dear warriors! =)

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