Our Princess is so excited to be back home...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Aunty Stephanie's car, Charmaine called back to spread her excitement to all back in Singapore. "Yay.. I am coming back to Singapore" " I miss po po, gong gong, and gu gu, and cola" " but i dont miss Charlene jiejie"

It is heartwarming to hear the laughters of Charmaine and yes, we are alll excited to see u back in Singapore!

And, Charmaine remembers to request for her favourite chocolate bread, 2 loaves, so that she can eat it all in a day! I wonder how she is going to fill her little tummy with the subsequent food requests... chicken wings, mee hoon, duck rice...

Cant wait to see our little darling soon!

Her cheekiness never changed, and ever street-smart. When asked if she misses me, she will say no. "Hmm... then chocolate bread how?" and she immediately said, " I miss u charlene jiejie... is it if i miss u more, i have more chocolate bread?"

Whee ^^

Safe travels my deariesss!
And thanks Singapore Airline, for making the journey home, an easier one.

Love, Charlene

P/S: Thank u Stephanie and Orathai!!!!


Mama Joan said...

Have a safe journey!! And welcome home!!

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