Safe and Sound

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SQ captain took a good flight this morning, and the trio reached the airport earlier than expected. Despite waking up @ 5am, they stil have to wait for us to pick them up. Thanks for Michelle and team in helping them bring parts of the luggage back. Else, gong-gong and our car, will not be able to fit all of them. ;)

Jase jase has lost alot of weight, almost like the skeleton top he wore this morning. He grew much taller, and heavier. I cant even carry him for long! Always as "precious-moments" as ever.

Char Char has grew taller, and looked like there was no Monster trace in her body at all! Cyn Mommy said that Char has lost weight, but from what I see, she looks damn good =) Always her usual cool style and playing her ipad, even when gong-gong, po po and gu gu walk over.

Just when I thought the kids might turn too old for the silly games we always play, Jase stood on the trolley and demanded me to push. Char went to get Josh to carry her, and compete with me and Jase.

Glad to see the kids are back in Singapore, well-adjusted, I hope by now.
Hopefully, they are back in their eating mode, where chicken wings, noodles, duck rice, bao, etc, are all within reach.

Come Friday, Char will be having a test on her current status, and till then, rest well darlings.

Love, Charlene


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