Little Charmaine has been discharged

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our feisty little girl has finished the first round of chemo and has been discharged.

I haven't seen her for days and I really miss her!


Anonymous said...

WoW! Nice to hear that! I'm sure being able to be back home will cheer everyone up :)

Justina said...

Brave lil Char!
Keep it up! =)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that little Charmaine is back home. I hope her mood will be better at home because she is surrounded by her family.

Jia You you brave little gal!

WingYee said...

glad to hear that Charmaine has been discharged.What a brave girl!
Support you!!Hope you will be fine soon...

Rowena said...

This must be a very difficult period for Charmaine and her family and friends and my thoughts are with you.

It's great that she is so brave and positive, hope that she conquers her illness and gets well soon.

Don't ever give up the fight.

luffs-n-lingz said...

Dear Cynthia,

In difficult times like this, you have to remain strong. Keep your faith strong cause Charmaine is a blessed child.


Dear Charmaine,

You're a strong little girl that deserves admiration. Remember, be brave and keep smiling. God will bless you.

Kelvin Tan (luffs)
Sharin Poy (lingz)

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to write in to new paper for more donations from public . It's more far reaching, perhaps more funds collected can speed things up faster . Scans to be done at private hospital if the queue at KK is long ? Perhaps if funds are more readily available can seek other oncologist/ specialist for neuroblastoma?No time is to be lost .- J

bel said...

Oh dear! Will be praying for little Charmaine, the little girl with the same name as my dd.

Jia You ~ Charmaine! You are a fighter! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words, and big heart. Jol's been pretty busy these days and hence we are helping out for her in this area. Last I heard, Charmaine's been seen smiling after her Round 1 Chemo. I will let Jol to update you all shortly.

J, getting funds from the public by other means, would require permits if we go by house-to-house or street. We do not rule out the possibility but for now, we probably will hang on to the spread of our dear friends on this blog instead. However, if you do have interesting ideas on how we can relieve Cyn's stress on the Vit D issues, please please email us okie?

We are currently gathering all the donors list, so that if there are any updates, esp on the $ wise, you all will be informed.

Thank you all the emails, tags, comments. You all had helped Char fight the war Round One!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jolene,

Could you check with the mum if ok for me to go pray healing for Charmaine? Lord Jesus wants to heal her!


Anonymous said...

Hello charlene , dooor to door or public donations doesnt sound very feasible . Especially since the time it takes to get approval from relevant authorities . That kinda time spend would be lenghty , and in any case , I think it would be able to spend more quality time with Charmaine since she's unwell and sick . What I m really suggesting is calling The new paper. They regularly feature cases of children needing help with medical fees , and I believed Charmaine's case is a genuine case for concern . It 's a worthy cause to donate to such a adorable lil gal battling cancer . Might have to go thru a couple of interviews with teh editors though . But far reaching defintely. - J

Jolene said...

Hi all,

Thanx for alwiz keeping Charmaine in your thoughts and prayers.

There have really been lots of kind souls around and cyn is really touched by everyone's kind gestures and words.

Just to let you all know, Charlene who is a good friend of mine is helping me with the email replies. Hence, please don't be surprised if you don't see a sign off from me. ;) Do rest assured that I've read every email and would also reply each time I have the chance.

Charlene has been doing a good job tho and I've really gotta thank her for all the help she has rendered. I'm bz at work but I know she is also bz. Glad to have so many good friends with kind hearts.

Pls do not hesitate to drop us an email should you need to clarify on certain issues. =)

Thank you everyone for your help rendered. Be it leaving a mark here, making a small donation, offering suggestions, sharing your personal stories and clicking on the nuffnang ad which alwiz pull a Houdini on us.


Hi Anon J,

Thanx for your suggestion.

I feel that writing in to TNP is quite a big matter and I would really need to consult cyn on that. She's been overwhelmed by many issues so I've to take it a step at a time.

The interview part, would it be for the family to go through? I've to briefly let her know the procedure. Rite now, all she has is little Charmaine on her mind and she wants to be with her every single minute of her time.

You may email us on this if it is too long to draft a reply here.


JIAYI :D said...

Brave Charmaine! :D
you are a good fighter! JIAYOUS!
god bless you. recover fast.

Sharon said...

I'm tearing as I read through your blog. Charmine, be strong! U'll be in my prayers every day.

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