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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Born again..
Having a phone call in the middle of night, always scare me. Last night, Cyn number flashed on my cell again. Heart skipped a beat and when the news was heard, the reaction is totally like what Godma Jolene has mentioned.

To celebrate the occasion, Cyn mommy cooked the auspicious Chinese dish.

Getting ready to chomp chomp!

The last few days had been a roller-coaster rides for the feistyfamily. And who is not, given the things they have thrown on to.

To reward the kids, Cyn Mommy has finally agreed to the longest wish from Princess Charmaine and Jase korkor....


YES! It is scooter!Scooter , is the present for her first mouth of Accutane, and finally, after so many rounds of Accutane, we decided it is theirs!
The princess is all so excited wearing her full gear!

Indeed, it didnt come cheap and Cyn Mommy's personal account is depleting. However, to reward the kids, for picking themselves up, over and over again, each and every falls they encounter, every single pain they suffered, THIS IS IT!

Before I end off, this is what happened at this present moment:

Cyn mommy turned to tell Charmaine "Korkor is aslp" With that, Charmaine let out a YAY! and off the cartoon on the tv. It was too scary for her and she has been trying to force herself to watch it with both hands on her eyes ALL THE TIME!
The bond of the babies...

Have a great weekend all!

Love, Char


Chris said...

Hi Cyn

I am sor ha....ppppy to hear the good news. Charmaine is strong she will get thr this treatment and come out healthy. We will keep praying hard for her, get some good sleep and have a good weekend with the kids.

2am said...

Your mee sua looks so delicious, even makes me feel hungry at this hour. Hear your good news, I believed this is one of your best christmas present you ever had. Take care and god wish all well!

Siew Ling said...

really glad to know about the wonderful progress of charmaine. it feels great to see the warm smile from her! she really look a chubbier now, so cute! take care little girl. stay healthy always!

Ms. Potatoe said...

Cyn mammi... I want to try your love mee sua too!!!!

Hope to see you in JAN!!!


yaya said...

Hi Cyn mummy, really great to hear a bunch of good news from you!

Let's continue our journey with all the good prayers, little Char is not far away from the road of recovery... :)

2am said...

Was checking to see whether there is further update on your website. Again the mee sua look so tempting, it makes me feel hungry again. If you have time, please publish your mee sua receipt on the blog. Thank you. God wish everyone well!

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