Our princess is Hama positive

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some of you have received the sms.
It is too early in the morning, i cant remember the numbers much so for those who care, and did not receive the sms, I am sorry.
Charmaine has just been confirmed positive.
What to do from now, what to do next, what is the status etc, i will fill in later.
Please just continue praying....
Pray for the blood test 3 weeks later to clear, to continue treatment.

Love, Charlene


totoro said...

i am so sad.....

Mama Joan said...

Cyn, hang in there!!! Keep your faith and continue your focus. Somehow we know that this will come sooner or later and one good thing is, it will clear and princess can continue on the 3F8 again. M sure God is watching and doing something abt it. Don't worry too much. The rest of the tests will be fine. Jia You Jia You Jia You

yaya said...

There will be a miracle, we believe...let's continue to pray exra hard for little Charmaine, you will be fine, baby!

LXMummy said...

Cynthia, don think too much. Jus focus on spending everyday happily with Jase and Charmaine.

Dear all, stay positive and continue praying for Charmaine.

We all see the positive sides of Charmaine (her hairs are growing, she's taking her medicine and treatment with an amazing attitude), dont we!?

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