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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm just gonna blog a quick entry on what happened over Halloween weekend for us (will add pictures later).

It was a rather uneventful day for us as both Charmaine and Step got sick. I felt so bad because Stephanie had to drag herself out of bed just to ferry us to Brendon's House for Halloween Party.

Not long after Charmaine got into Stephanie's car, she started to cry and wouldn't tell me why. Before I knew it, she threw up on her Princess Costume! Thankfully, I brought extra clothes for the kids to change out of and after cleaning her up, she was all happy again!

Upon reaching Uncle Brendon's house, they ran up the stairs and down the stairs again to his basement full of toys for kids!

They were so at home with Uncle Brendon's 2 kiddos - Brendon Junior and Patrick. I could actually spend a few mins talking to Grandma Peggy without them dragging me off to play with them. :-)

After some getting ready, we were ready to gatecrash Uncle Brendon's neighbour’s Halloween Party for kids!!! I was so impressed with all the kids' costumes and even more impressed with the owner's playroom for their only girl! WOW - that cute lil pink playroom is filled with all sorts of girly toys, even I felt like a lil girl again! When we arrived, the house was full of lil girls, except our 3 boys. Brendon Junior and Patrick bravely walked into the girly room to play but Jase was too shy. He refused to enter and stood outisde the room. Than his Power Ranger mask scared another lil girl. HAHA. As for lil Char, she just held my hand and pulled me in with her. Always so feisty! Haha...

After awhile when the kids went down for lunch, Jase finally walked into the room and played with Char. As usual, my very 'rice and noodles' kids werent used to their american party delicacies and hence didnt eat much. But that didnt keep them from running around to play. After awhile, Jase decided that everyone was running away from him and he was actually proud of his scariness. Haha.

When it was trick or treating time, I had assumed that Jase would be shy and Charmaine would refuse to walk. But I was wrong! Jase ran up every house happily with Charmaine and shouted "Trick or Treat" and "THANK YOU". And our dear princess Charmaine was very feisty! She walked down the entire street with all the kids and always tried to catch up with the bigger Kor Kor in front! Though not as fast, she completed the course as well! So PROUD of her!

But this little princess is still princessly! HAHA. For some weird reasons, she refused to open her 'golden' mouth to say "Trick or Treat".

Amused me though. Jase would be the sweet brother he always is, he would always take 2 candies, one more for his lil sister whom could save a few steps up the stairs. And he would tell me "I said thank you for mei mei too!" :-)

As for me, I am just very very happy that both the kids had so much fun! Way more than I imagine! Especially with them being such a sport! :-) I kept snapping as many pictures as I could. I could have sworn I had forgotten all the tiredness and the challenges ahead! The view was just awesome. The beautiful autumn leaves, all the beautifully decorated Halloween houses, nice weather and all the excited and cutely dressed kids running down the streets. They would run back showing us all the candies they have gotten!

Its indeed one of those fine moments in life that you truly feel that all the pain and toughness is so worth it! And life couldnt get any better. :-)

Thats the not end! We had a fun fun finale with a very simple trick Uncle Brendon showed the kids when we drove back to Uncle Brendon's house. Uncle Brendon got Brendon Junior to switch off all the lights in the basement and casted shawdows using his Halloween Torchlight with interchangeable covers. One moment - there was a bat that was flying. It got bigger! HAHA. The kids ran. Than the 'witch came flying across the ceiling!" More screams and more laughters! That certainly brought the mood to an all time time and we couldnt have asked for a better way to end the day! The kids left Uncle Brendon's house happy and wanting more. :-) Within minutes of getting onto Auntie Stephanie's car, the kids fell asleep. Just before Jase dozed off, he asked "Are we going to do more trick or treat?" Guess it said it all for how much fun they kids had for their first ever Halloween!

I will have to end it now because its Scans week and I'm not quite sane now.

Cyn Mommy


dawna said...

Whenever I drop by here to catch up on Charmaine's progress, I always am amazed at what a strong and loving brother she has in Jase. I couldn't help but feel touched and tear at how sweet and protective of Charmaine Jase is. Jase must be such a huge blessing to the both of you, and I'm sure he will grow up to be a very, very good man indeed.

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