Bone Marrow Biopsy tomorrow

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hi all,

Thank you all for your prayers. We were discharged last thurs night after her fever subsided for more than 24 hours. Charmaine was literally jumping, bouncing or I should say, dancing around while waiting for discharge.

That was Thursday. We had a happy good Friday at home, doing nothing much. But just really happy to be home! We missed home and especially missed Jase! Almost 7 days of not seeing him is not fun at all.

And right now, I'm typing from KKH ward 76 again. Charmaine is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow and because she has to do 4 sites, she has to go under GA. And because it's under GA, KKH's rule is admission the day before. So here we are again!

As expected, when I informed Char of our admission today, she said: "I'm not happy and mad!" I tried to comfort her and said it will only be for a day. She very quickly 'un-sulk' her face and said "O.K.A.Y". I know she isn't all that happy but at least she is sweet enough not to make me upset.

And so we skipped and danced our way into KKH earlier. We are blessed today with great and just awesome on-called doctors today!!! I've been rather upset about the nurses telling me that a plug has to be set and bloodworks done. Char has been poked SO MANY times on both her hands and even once on her foot!!! It's especially difficult and frustrating for me as a mother because her veins are getting more like non existent or even a mess of greenish bruise patch and it's even more annoying when I know it's possible to avoid those pokes because she doesn't need to be poked in NUH for neutropenia fever and needless to say, no pokes at all in NYC! I feel like I'm fighting a lost course here but I will not stop fighting. I respect the fact that different doctors have different styles and practices, dependent on wherever they are trained but I just wish that someone could miraculously consolidate all the best practices so that patients will not be succumbed to unnecessary procedures...

So anyway, we got really lucky today! Both the MO who saw Char didn't insist or order for bloodworks! And it was all up to the anesthetist to make the final call! And yeah! She said no need for FBC even!!! So you can imagine my happy little girl laying on the bed besides me now watching her Barbie movie while I typed this. No needles, no poking maketh a happy Char and a happy mommy!

On a more serious note though, biopsy equals to scanxiety for me again. Dear God, please bless Charmaine with good and clean bone marrow and please ensure that the biopsy will be completed smoothly and safely with Char feeling no pain! Thank you!

A quick update on Amelie: The surgery was cancelled due to her low platelet but they inserted another type of tubes instead. And her mom messages me yesterday saying that her platelet went up to 71! Thank you all for your prayers!!!

Please say an extra prayer for my little girl tomorrow. Need to get back to Char now and make her sleep.

cyn mommy


2am said...

I feel happy hearing your update on Amelie. Am really happy that char can have a less stressful procedure today, perhaps the doc shld re-evaluate their "checklist" why they "need" to do some of these unnecessary poke on patient.

Mama Joan said...

Dear Lord, we thank you for thy mercy on Charmaine and Amelia. I ask for thy peace to be upon these lil' gers as they go thru all types of medical procedures and i ask for complete healing on them, Lord. May you take over the situation of the bone marrow biopsy and let the results be rewarding. In Jesus most precious name i pray, Amen!

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