Still fighting that fever!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We are still here in KK because of the persistent fever that wouldn't go off completely.

Blood tests results all came back negative thankfully!
But yet, nobody knows what is causing this fever...

Chemo was postponed for 4 days now and it's been 4 weeks since our last chemo. I'm getting very worried, sitting on the fact that there are still cancer cells in her body and yet we are not attacking those cells because of her fever...

Doc ordered a chest X Ray today this morning because of her cough that also
seems to be getting worse. Thank god, no pneumonia!

So Dr Aung and I have decided to go ahead with chemo despite fever, switched to a stronger antibiotic. And hopefully, the fever will subside once and for all with no infections and no reason for concern... Ironical to say that since I'm concern even without fever as well. But least, I can sleep better knowing there's no fever.

Dear god, please please please let this fever subside and please let this fever be a simple viral flu and nothing else! Please also pray that char's counts won't drop too drastically so she can fight off get fever soonest.

Thank you.

cyn mommy


Ms. Potatoe said...

Hey Cyn, hope everything will work out soon for you... lots ppl are sick nowadays, the virus is going around. Fever and cough. In the small room I work in, everyone is starting to cough :S And my friend is also down with fever and cough. So prob just a virus... Hope Char can start her chemo soon enough! xx

stacey said...

It's neutrophenic fever. If Char's ANC remains below 1, fever may persist. For more info:

Hope this helps.

Gary said...

Syn's mommy:

Try to ask Dr Aung to see if they missed something simple!
With all the big things they are looking at there is a chance they went right past something small or not believed to be important enough!


Eve said...

Hi Cyn,

Saw your previous posting to Patrick.

There is no right or wrong step in the path that you have walk so far. I know how difficult it is to make every single decision, to take another step forward, given that we are not medically train – the information we know may be limited or simply based on trusting the doctors in charge of the patient. Even if we know what we know, it is still difficult to make the ‘life or death’ decision for another person’s life, especially our love ones. More so for a young one who depend on us so much.

There are just too many what ifs…………it can even date back to before Charmaine was born – what if I eat healthier, what if I do this, what if I do that……………..No point harping on it.

Just to encourage you that you had your BEST INTENTION for Charmaine in whatever decision you have made, in every single step you have take. That alone is enough to justify whatever reasons, whatever method, whatever you have been doing so far. And you are doing great. Jia you!

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