I love to be home with Jasejase - Charmaine

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A night of fun with Lightsticks.
Jase is getting matured these days. Whenever I sneak off a few minutes from work to call, he understands I have to hang up the phone when i reach my destination, or when my meeting starts. After the New York experience, he appreciates school, knowledge and homework. this day he said," charlene jiejie, i cant talk long today because I have to learn my spelling tmr."
And yet, never fails to amaze me with his love for sister
"U must remember to buy a new sword for meimei ok?"
with such a brother doting on her, it is no wonder Charmaine sms-es over and said "I love to be home with Jasejase"

And I am sure, that smile of hers, was taken when her mind is full of cheekiness and love from her mom and brother.
Some photos of her in hospital:
She and her puzzle:


Charmaine, the future Doctor? Nope. She wants to be a nurse!

Have a blessed Sunday,
Love Charlene


phoenixbabe said...

;) I'm so proud of kor kor & mei mei. And of cos YOU ,Cyn.

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