Charmaine and her Light Sticks

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It was just light sticks. Yet the science behind it amazes Jase and Charmaine so much that the fun was just never enough. Having promised Charmaine that I will find more economical choices for her, she remembers it since then!
This time, we decided to sought for distributors to help out in lowering the costs since we will be getting more than just a handful. Ever since she is back from New York, she seldoms go back home to enjoy with her playmate, Jase korkor. So, we thought of getting her these sticks to pass the night easier, when all volunteers have left the hospital.
Thanks to Stanley Tan - Marketing Manager of LDM Marketing Pte Ltd, who gave us a very good price for just one tube of 50 lightsticks, as we understood that most distributors would not even bother to talk to buyers with just 1 qty. We were so happy with that kind gesture as these lightsticks can be connected into headband, bracelet, necklace etc, that typically cost $2.50 per stick! Looking at the cost savings, Cyn Mommy checked with the volunteers and we ended up getting much more than we orginally wanted. Stanley was so kind in dropping the price even further, after knowing that these sticks were for children in the cancer ward of KK Hospital. We decided to get two light wands, "sword look alike" for the kids to fight and, without saying, Stanley gave good prices for that too.
One would never have thought how much laughter and happiness that these lightsticks bring to the children! Thank you Stanley and LDM Marketing!! Princess Charmaine was so excited playing them.
And, we are glad that, this promise we gave to her, is well fulfilled =D

Love, Charlene


stacey said...

It was good to see Char having so much fun with her new "playmate". Every time I see pictures like these, it reminds me of life's simplest pleasure. Younger children live in the moment, a quality most adults struggle to have. Thanks for sharing those moments...

Mama Joan said...

Agreed with stacey, once we enter adulthood, pure and simple happiness just seem so far so unattainable anymore....

Princess Char, you must jia you! Auntie is praying for you everyday. I believe in God and His miracles! And i believe that we are going to witness it you soon! Jia you!

Cyn, remember to stay faithful and focus on God. Remember: Faith is not seeing it but yet believing it... God will reward those who perserve and believe in Him!

geraldine said...

Hi Cyn mummy,

I've been wanting to write for a long time as I have been following your little princess brave battle, but just cannot find the words. Just wanted to tell you to be strong & hang in there. I've been down the same road although the type of cancer is different. My son was only 7 months old when he was first diagnose with ALL. He is doing well now. Even though he is in remission, we still worry so I know how you feel and what you are going thru. I have another 2 kids so .... Nobody understands better than a parent who has been down that road. You need a shoulder I'm all ears. Your family is my prayers.

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