Fever and still in KKH

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It was meant to be an overnight stay and discharge early in the morning but we are still here in KKH.

Dr Aung and I decided to start her new chemo yesterday before discharge but while waiting for the chemo, her temp spiked and reached 39.6. Fever...

So chemo was halted and antibiotics started instead. Char was rather upset for awhile. Cried and said I promised her that it's only 2 days... I hate making empty promises but...

So here we are waiting for her culture results to come back.
Dear God, please let Charmaine's blood cultures and whatever test results come back clean and good so we can start chemo soon. It's more than 3 weeks, I don't wish for any more delay!

Thank you all.

cyn mommy


pamela said...

Hi Cynthia

This is pamela, ignatius mum. Glad to know you are back (i read your website periodically. Ignatius has completed his BMT 1o months ago and he has gone back to school since Jan. Wanted to call you but somehow I couldnt locate your contact on my mobile. pls call or sms me when available.

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