Tough time with side effects

Friday, April 16, 2010

Char is having a hard time with abdominal pains and diarrehea the last few days...
Diarrehea seemed to finally stop yesterday but her tummy pain got worse instead. Yesterday, she was crying in pain for at least 20mins and only fell asleep 45mins later after panadol.

It was very very difficult and painful watching her curl and scream and yet, nothing much I can do to alleviate her sufferings. It makes her determined mind waver... It makes you question why...

I can pray that her pain will subside totally and that all her suffering are worth it. I hope all her cancer cells are totally killed and

Please pray for us... Pray that charmaine's pain will subside and that she is healed totally on earth...
Thank you.



karen_kh3 said...

Dear Cyn,

I can't imagine your heartache.. As a mother myself, I'm so worried everytime my kids are down with the bug. But you'll need to stay strong for her.. I'll keep her in our prayers.. Take care..

Karen S

crazy me said...

Hi.. Just thought I'd ask if I've tried using a hot pack for the tummy pains? It really helps cope with the pain..

Hang in there, all the best.

Little Rain said...

Dear Cyn

I can understand what you went thru. I am a patient myself and I discovered my blood disorder about the same time as Char last year. I went thru 4 rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor last Sep. I am now recovering. Seeing the pains of Char pains my heart. I believe my mom also suffered alot when I was ill. I guess all mothers would never want their children to be ill. We wish the one suffering is ourselves and not our children. I was relieved that my children behaved well during the ordeal (tho school results dropped a fair bit) and I concentrated to take of myself first to look forward to see them at every hospital discharge. It's a marathon, jiayou!

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