Life's Simple Pleasures

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're very happy today coz Charmaine's scan results shows that her sacrum is clear. Thank you everyone for your prayers. *Big Hugz*

For the next few days, Cyn mommy is not gonna be bothered about everything else till the next chemo on Monday and enjoy a normal family life.

Charmaine hasn't been going out for a long time and a simple trip like bringing kor kor to cut hair is a treat for her.

What are the simple things that made you happy today?


stacey said...

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little - John Zabat-Zinn. Enjoy the little things! Congratulations on Char’s clear scan! This is such wonderful news!

Mama Joan said...

Wat makes me smile today? 03 things: when i open my eyes with my angels sleeping soundly beside me, your blog entry and the grace+love of the Lord! Thanks for sharing this good news! Glory and praise to the mighty Lord for His mercy! Thank you God!

karen_kh3 said...

Dear Cny,

That's great news! All the best.. do enjoy yourselves.. you deserve it!

Will continue praying,

Karen S

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