Charmaine admitted to KK again

Sunday, March 8, 2009

6th March 2009, night
Charmaine had a fever close to 38°C.

7th March 2009, morning
Charmaine was admitted to KK yesterday morning as her fever shot up to 38.6°C. She has lost 1.5kg since last Sunday.

7th March 2009, 4.16pm
Temperature 39.6°C

7th March 2009, 10.54pm
Temperature 40°C

8th March 2009, 12.56am
Temperature 36.5°C

Charmaine would be staying at KK for 5 days to finish the course of antibiotics.

*Chemo patients have almost zero immunity against any infection. The team at KK informed us that as long as Charmaine's temperature reaches 38 degree, she would have to go to A&E.

**Fever may be caused by 2 types of infections-- bacterial and viral. Antibiotics may be administered to fight bacterial infection. However, no antibiotics could fight viral infection and it's up to the patient's own will and body to fight the virus. Charmaine was given antibiotics through the portacath.


June said...

Omg... Poor thing! I hope little Charmaine is better now =)

Jolene said...


From cyn's sms at about 6am, Char's temp was 37.4.

She told me that the fever keeps going up and down. However, it seems common among chemo patients. We just have to hope that whatever the infection is, it's not viral.

Xy said...

I can totally understand how you guys are feeling right now. It must have been really tough. Don't worry, I'm very sure Charmaine will be blessed enough to pull through this, I'll be keeping her in my prayers! :)

Stephanie said...

I was surfing your blog and looking at Charmaine photos and suddenly have this thought that why not Lord go heal her without prayer. That was ard midnight.

Lord said the fever is not viral.

Sweets said...

Remembering you in prayer Charmine.

chengie said...

Hi. I'm qiufeng's brother. Just want to wish Cyn and Charmaine all the best. =)

My sister ask mi to say, "Jia you!!" =D

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