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Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of Cynthia's good friend, Angela, has written a very clear summary on what happened the past few days.

Taken from:
"Charmaine discharged this afternoon"

Angela Chua said...
Went to pass things to Cyn at her house yesterday. Seems that Charmaine is doing fine. Can see that her hair is falling off. Very heart warming and joyous thing is that I saw Charmaine's sweet smile. She was in good mood and I played with her and Jase till 10pm or so. Didnt really keep track of the time.

Heard from Cyn that she got a 2nd opinion at NUH. She met up with a nice Myanmar lady doctor. Although she's only a Associate Consultant (AC), she explained quite alot to Cyn on Charmaine's condition.

Currently, Charmaine has to undergo 7 chemo sessions at KKH, which according to the AC, 5 sessions would be sufficient. Studies found out that kids that have undergone 7 chemo sessions are more prone to contract leukemia. This also means that Char need not suffer additional 2 sessions of chemo and reduce the amount of toxic going through her body.

The AC also mentioned that it is advisable to remove Char's tumor fast after 2 or 3 sessions of the chemo. At least Char will have lesser risk of having her condition worsen. (Not sure if its the correct way to put it)

This Monday, Char will be admitted to KKH to do some scans. Im not sure what kind of scan it is. [See below]

Cyn wants to transfer char to NUH as it should be able to provide Char with better care. Jus that the ward accommodation environment is less conducive as compared to KKH. Mostly importantly, the doc told her that in NUH there would be 20% chances of recover, 10% more as compared to KKH.

Chances of recovery will be boosted to 40% should Char take some medicine that is under clinical trial in US. This medicine is costly and limited. Hopefully the doc would be able to get this medication for Char.

The AC suggested Cyn to get Dr Chui Chan Hon to operate on Char's tumor. Dr Chui specialises on Paediatric Surgery in Oncology. However, Dr Chui's is currently working in Mt. Elizabeth. If Char operates there, it would be very expensive in terms of daily ward stay and other private rate expenses. Thus, Cyn is writing to Dr Chui, wondering if he could do the surgery in NUH or KKH, so much so that the ward rate etc would be cheaper compared to Mt Elizabeth Hospital. Dr Chui info can be found at the below link.

Hope I didn't misinterpret the info.

Mummy, stay strong.

March 14, 2009 2:50 AM

Added information:

1) The Myanmar AC from NUH is Dr Aung Le Le.

2) The scan that Charmaine would be undergoing tomorrow is an MIBG scan at SGH, not KKH.

3) Dr Chui Chan Hon has gotten back to Cynthia! Things are looking brighter. =)

4) Charmaine has been transferred to NUH.

5) Blood test on 18th March.

6) 2nd Chemotherapy to start on 19th March.

7) Cyn's mum has been discharged.


June said...

I hope Cynthia can get some good news from Doctor Chui =) It seems like the 2nd opinion that Cynthia got gave new hopes!

I really hope it can beneft Charmaine lah.

Jolene said...

I always marvel at the coincidence of us being online at the same time. *Heh*

I just added new info on this post.

We're certainly more hopeful with Dr Aung Le Le and Dr Chui Chan Hon's words. =)

Going for my tuition now then scoot off to cyn's house. The kids have been pestering for me to go over asap. Haha...

deedee said...

it is indeed good news to know that things are brighter now! *hugs* =)

Anonymous said...

Hey good, NUH is near to NUS. We can visit Charmaine easily. Are visitors allowed?

June said...

Hi Jolene! =) Hee... Really "qiao" ah! Anyway i've seen the update already & i'm really happy to know that things are getting better!

Btw how are the kids when you visited them yesterday? =)

moo said...

Dear Friends.
You are in good hands. Dr Aung is only A/C by virtue of qualification/country of training, and not because of experience. She is compassionate/understanding/experienced.


ps. there are some simple rules with regards to visitation in onco wards. do check with the parents.

Anonymous said...

I am a concerned reader of your blog. Managed to find the nuffnang ad on the top right hand corner of the blog (it is very small and someone might miss it). Can you post an update of whether Cynthia is able to cope financially and how much more she needs? So that concerned readers like myself who can only contribute to the financial portion can know how much more would be needed to help Charmine. thks.

Jolene said...


=) We're certainly more positive now.


Anonymous on March 16, 2009 10:10 AM,

I'm afraid we can't answer you now as Charmaine hasn't been warded in NUH yet. We're not too sure about visiting hours and number of visitors.


They were hyper on Sunday. Seems like they don't listen to me that much anymore. Haha.. However, just now went to visit them again. They were quite sweet and guai. Jase was such a sweet boy to Charmaine today. Very happy to see this after all our concerns about psychological health of siblings of cancer patients.



Your words are really very reassuring. Thanx... we are definitely more positive. I got your message on FB too. Thanx... I'm really very touched and I'm sure Cynthia would be too. I've conveyed your msg to Cynthia. =)


Anonymous on March 17, 2009 11:59 AM,

Thank you very much for your concern. Due to the transition from KK to NUH, we would wait till things are more settled before proceeding to request for a ballpark figure. I would definitely update on that asap.

BTW the nuffnang ads is supposed to be those huge headboard kind of banner at the top. The little nuffnang logo at the top rite is not the ad. So if you happen to see those huge banner, do click on it immediately. Thanx!

June said...

=) I'm glad to know that Jase are ok with Charmaine again.

Guess it's not easy for Jase too especially when suddenly a lot of attention goes to Charmaine.

Now let's just hope thing gets better for Charmaine!

Angela Chua said...

This afternoon Cyn text me. Here's her message.

" Doc just called to tell me a piece of somewhat good news. In fact, she said its good news. That the cancer cells in her bone marrow are very few. prob less than 10%! =) I finally see some sunshine."

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