Undergoing 2nd Chemo at NUH

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our little princess was so energetic and having a whale of a time playing in the morning. However once the chemo started, Charmaine cried incessantly. She cried till her voice went hoarse.


Cynthia told me that Jase and Charmaine's relationship is pretty much the same as old times whenever they spend enough time together without visitors.

They love each other. They call each other "my Charmaine", "my mei mei", "my Jase Jase" and "my kor kor". Of course, they squabble at times too but that's what siblings are for right? ;P

Recently, Cyn brought the kids out to the playground. She was relieved to see that nobody was there. [Sidenote: Charmaine's immune system is low]

When people were within close proximity to them, Jase being the very protective kor kor shouted,

"Eh... You all don't come near my mei mei ah. My mei mei is sick you know."

A while later, a maid came strolling with a dog and Jase did the same to the dog.

People might wonder what was wrong with this little boy but we felt proud of him for being so protective over Charmaine.


Sweets said...

How sweet of ge ge :)

June said...

That's really sweet of Jase! =) I'm glad things are getting better. Hee

How's Charmaine after her 2nd chemo?? Hope she's coping well.

little prince's mummy said...

Your gal's so cute!~

Anonymous said...

Jase is being rude & becoming a brat. His parents should teach him manners? Being young & having a cancer sis are not excuses for his outbursts at strangers.

Justina said...

Jase is just being protective over his lil sis and I dun see anything wrong with it.
I think it is responsible of him to prevent Char from getting hurt in whatsoever situtaions, being physical n emotional.
It is not easy for a kid who is coping with her illness to keep up with her frustrations and temper.
If others haven known of the situation Jase is, I dun think they would feel that he is being rude or a brat. He is just a kid trying to protect her sis.

Anonymous said...

Justina u said "If others haven known of the situation Jase is..." The point IS no stranger is expected to know or understand where this brat is coming from! Forgive him cos he's so cute? Er, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. Get it?

Anonymous said...

He can protect his sis or do whatever he wants. But being rude & ill-mannered is another matter.

Ris said...

Plsssss be more empathizing!!!

deedee said...

i don't think he shouted "get out of our way bitch!" or "f**k off you idiot!" or any vulgarities. he's just being a protective and understanding brother and he did make the effort to state that his sister is sick to those strangers in any case... so, what is wrong?

hope charmaine and both of you sweeties (jolene and cyn of course) are coping well after the 2nd chemo. *hugs*

Jolene said...

Good day Anonymous!

It’s you again. Still hiding under the veil of anonymity? Isn’t it tiring to be always hiding behind a mask?

I see you wish to embark on a discourse on manners eh? I would be glad to join in this discourse.

Firstly, did you parents ever teach you never to talk to anyone without a name and a face because that is quite impolite? I’m certain they didn’t right? Oh please forgive me, I’m not being very respectful over here. I should not even have brought your parents into the picture for your ill manners. How awfully discourteous of me!

Let’s continue our discourse by doing a prac crit of your comments.

“Jase is being rude & becoming a brat”

Excuse me? I wonder who is the rude and childish brat over here.
1) To post as anonymous here and on my personal blog
2) To pick on a young child
3) To use malicious words on Jase


“His parents should teach him manners”

I can’t help but chortle at the irony here.


“Being young & having a cancer sis are not excuses for his outbursts at strangers.”

So being nameless and faceless are excuses for your outbursts at Jase, at cyn, at me, at Justina and at all other strangers who have empathy?


“The point IS no stranger is expected to know or understand where this brat is coming from!”

We are also not expected to know or understand where this BIG BRAT (you) is coming from. Seriously anonymous, picking on a kid... what is your problem? Bullying? Cowardice?


“Forgive him cos he's so cute?”

I notice you love taking words and twisting them and using words which obviously hadn’t been uttered by anyone before you.


“He can protect his sis or do whatever he wants. But being rude & ill-mannered is another matter.”

Maybe we find a date and a venue to meet up with Jase then you can teach us how to protect his sis in a manner deem fit.
Oh but how could I forget, you would forever be hiding behind the mask of anonymity, not being able to come out clean. What a pity this event would not materialise.


Oh by the way, I notice a trait of yours. From the day you started posting negative comments, I realised that you are somebody who doesn’t know your materials well before commenting. I strongly advise you to read and understand the situation, the truth, the facts before you post any nonessential comments. "Know thy enemy" heard of it before?

That said, I think you are somebody who doesn’t even bother about facts as long as you incite strong emotions from people. I sincerely wish you find your life very fulfilling doing things like this.

Have a great day doing malicious things in front of your computer. And remember, if you decide to come here to retort with more foolish comments, do leave a name ya? I wouldn't want to talk to a nameless and facelss person.


Joanne Loh said...

FYI - Jase is only 5 this year. Children at this age is egocentric, and thus dun have the capacity to really grasp the whole issue or the seriousness of it... yet you wanna pick on this? What a grown up...

And what outburst at strangers? He only told them that his sister is sick. He wasn't even scolding them but just shouting out from afar!

Wonder who is the rude brat now? So immature... I think Jase has more sense than u

Justina said...

so he is the same "Anon" who has been picking on this blog all along? I haven been suspecting too... haha

Louisa said...


Our parents advised us not to talk to strangers. "Anonymous" is clearly a stranger. Let's just channel our time and energy on people who are worth our time.

The best way to deal with a child throwing tantrums is NOT to entertain him. So, let the spoilt child "Anonymous" whine and throw tantrums. We're are 'above' this stranger.

tifaine said...

Well said Jolene!

shaye said...

Jolene, you have my support.

Kee Cheng said...

Dear dear dear dear Anonymous,

Courteous enough? =)

It's time for you to look inside yourself rather than picking on others. Especially you are picking on a small kid who are protecting his little sister whole-heartedly.

Do you need a mirror? Time for some reflection.

Kee Cheng

Faith said...

Are you e.lit. student?

Zanne said...

Jase kor kor>> In a few years time when you get to read this blog.. not to worry, we are behind u! U are just being protective. That's a sweet gesture coming from a loving brother. Unlike some thing WHICH truly earned ITS title as being "rude and becoming a brat"

Char mei mei>> Jiayou jiayou in your battle.. You are such a brave darling. Keep it up!

Cyn mummy>> You are a strong woman... I salute u! No matter how tough the road lies ahead.. the tough will keep going!

Jo jo>> Cant agreed more with you..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

Even adults are subject to outburst, what more a kid? Moreover Jase was just being protective of his sister.

Jase, if you are reading this, this stranger aunty is proud of you.


gerra said...



T said...

I reckon anonymous must have had an abusive childhood...! Shame on him on picking on the kind gesture/good intention/goodwill/innocence of a kid.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I really don't understand why you're so unfeeling and still adding insult to injury.

If you're just an attention seeker, I don't think this is the right place for you. KID, why don't you just go and play somewhere else? Shame on you!

Dear Char, Jase, Cyn mummy & Jolene,

I'm also a regular follower of this blog. I get a little "emotional" each time I read about Char. Be it good or not so good moments.

Anyway, there's nothing much I could do. Just a small token that I contributed some time back. I'm a free-thinker. I don't pray.... But I'll give my 101% moral support.

Char, be a brave girl and continue fighting! Stay feisty :)

Jase, sayang your mei mei more. You'll become a man one day and must take real good care of your mei mei and mummy ok? =)

Cyn mummy, stay strong! The kids need you.

Jolene, thanks for updating Char's condition.


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