Some Videos of Charmaine After Chemo Round 1

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here are some short videos of Jase and Charmaine taken from my camera with very limited memory space.

There are still quite a few from Cynthia's camera which I've yet to get from her.

To read the description of each video, you can click to view in a separate browser instead of clicking the play button from here. For people unfamiliar with YouTube, the descriptions are on the right. Click on "more info".

On Sunday, 15th March...

On Tuesday, 17th March...


Big-Girlicious said...

Charmaine lost lots of hair =(
REally hope that she will recover 100% soon!

Anonymous said...

i am sorry for being such a cry-baby, but everytime i log onto this blog and read abt her, i will shed tears, i really feel sad for her. i have a daughter who is also the same age as Char and somehow they look really alike, i cannot imagine if she also have to go thr what char had gone thru. Cyn, i hope and pray that Char will get well soon. real soon, pls take care

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