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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A piece of good news
Cyn’s sms on the afternoon of 18th March 2009:
"Doc just called to tell me a piece of somewhat good news. In fact, she said its good news. That the cancer cells in her bone marrow are very few. prob less than 10%! =) I finally see some sunshine."

Everyone who knew of this “saw the sunshine” too.

2nd Chemo for Charmaine has been postponed to Monday, 23 March 2009
Charmaine is unable to undergo her 2nd chemo on the 19th as her neuro-something (Sorry I dunno the exact name) neutrophil count is below 1.

Psychological health of sibling of cancer patients
While showing care and concern for Charmaine who is suffering physically, please do not neglect Jase, the healthy child who is suffering psychologically.

Jase has always been a very sweet boy despite being a cheeky little devil at times. He has always been listening to me and used to be very obedient. However, I could see a huge change in Jase’s behaviour during these few weeks. He craved so much for attention that he had become a changed boy.

Children at this age is egocentric. The whole world revolves around them. When it’s no longer a “me world”, they get upset and they may hold a grudge against the person who caused the change in status quo.

Jase may have been a good kor kor but despite feeling concern for his sickly mei mei, he would feel jealous,angry and upset too. Presents and toys flood in for the mei mei. Mummy stay at the hospital with mei mei. Everybody focus on mei mei. Everybody’s conversations revolve around mei mei.

Is it any wonder that Jase would feel jealous of mei mei?

I remember the story which the social worker at KK told us about sibling jealousy. There was a 2-year-old child fighting for his life while undergoing chemo. Finally, he passed away. Do you know what his 5-year-old brother told his mummy?

“I’m very happy di di die. Then you don’t have to go to the hospital anymore.”

We really felt very angry at the boy’s words. Then the social worker continued saying that this was coming from a 5-year-old child who isn’t mature enough to understand the severity of his words. He isn’t mature enough to control his egocentric thoughts. We should not even blame him for feeling this way.

Cynthia has been doing her best to consider Jase’s feelings and to shower as much care and attention to him as to Charmaine. It is really very tough for a single mum/ divorcee to do this.

To all in contact with the kids, do show your attention to both Charmaine and Jase as much as possible. =D

This article is very helpful. Do read it.

Closure of POSB savings a/c 109-76705-0
Cynthia and I closed the above account on the evening of Tuesday, 17th March 2009. Should any of you make any transfer of funds from the evening of 17th March, your transfer would be deemed unsuccessful.

As written in an earlier post, we are in the process of acquiring information on whether this fundraising is approved by authorities in Singapore as it concerns third parties’ contribution.

We were initially seeking help from first degree of contacts. Hence, to make sure we abide by the rules, Cynthia has opened a new a/c which would not be revealed publicly.

Please do not hesitate to drop us an email should you need to clarify on certain issues.


moo said...
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moo said...

neutrophil count. it's a kind of white blood cell that is pivotal in fighting bacterial infection

June said...

Hey Jolene =) That's indeed good news! And i'm looking forward to hear more good news yah.

As regards to the sibling jealousy problem, it's not easy for Cynthia. She got so much to cope! That's why recently when i went to Cynthia's place to pass some stuff, i also got Jase something =)

I hope Charmaine like the tops (i hope the size fits her) & Jase likes his Ferrero Rocher =)

Singapore Sales said...

Hi, Is really a good news and she is real cute..hope that she will be fine and as parents, be strong ya..Best Wishes..Gerard

Rin 。 said...

Try to seek for TMC, she is too young to go thru the western way of curing.

And please approached govt authorities to approve any funding approval.

Try community chest. they might help u raise some money.

And do you have photos of char?

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