Random Updates

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cynthia's mum is fine now. She has regained consciousness and is under medication.

There are quite a lot of new updates but it's rather tough getting everything down through our mobiles when I'm on my way to work and cyn to kk. The conversation was interrupted with call waitings and sudden cut offs.

When everything is more concrete, I'll be back to update again.


I have many direct contacts and contacts of people I know who have been asking about the perpetually non-existent ads by nuffnang. I don't know why it's so unstable and I may send nuffnang an email if this continues.

In the meantime, do seize the opportunity to click on the ads whenever they reappear. I know they are around at times coz I've personally seen them.



gerra said...

u cant keep clicking. they have trackers to prevent this. they will ban ads if pple jus click n click. knw wat i mean?

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