Happy Birthday Cynthia!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy birthday babe! I know this must be the worst birthday ever but I know what you wish for and I hope your wish would come true! =)

*BiG BiG HUGZ to U, Jase and Charmaine*

-- CNY 2009


Stephanie said...

I hardly visit m4m nowadays but was led by the Lord there and to read about Charmaine story and come to this site.

While reading this site, Lord told me to go pray healing for Charmaine.

Do let me know if Cynthia and her husband is ok for me and my sis to go pray for Charmaine. As Lord Jesus promise to heal her.

I am only free in the morning when my girl is in school.

Do let me know.


Jolene said...

Char doesn't look like she's in stage FOUR cancer. Who R U kidding?

jeromepang1@nus.gov.sg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jolene said...

Hi Stephanie,

We would discuss about this over email? Do drop me an email. =)


Hi Jolene,

It's a depressing truth that little Charmaine is indeed in stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Yes the photo was taken only this year CNY. Imagine our anguish when we found out that Charmaine would be diagnosed with cancer the very next month.

Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer which is only detected at the advanced stage. Please google and read up on neuroblastoma and you would know why we weren't able to detect anything amiss at all. =(

We all blamed ourselves for not noticing soon. Many of my friends asked me why wasn't her cancer detected sooner. We really really couldn't tell that our cheerful Charmaine is so sick coz she showed NO signs... no signs at all of being sick.

Even up till now, all the pain she has been feeling so far was from the piercing of needles, extracting of bone marrow, biopsy surgery, inserting of the "port" at her chest and drawing blood from there and eventually the chemo process itself.

Jolene said...

Copied, edited to remove my blog link and pasted:

jeromepang1@nus.gov.sg said...
I rcv tis link frm a frd's frd's frd's blog. I didn't spend long to laugh tis off as a joke. Jolene & her gang here tink tt they can easily con people's $$$ wifout d need to prove themslves! Hey, by clickg nuffnang ad she gets a profit too! Easy. Jolene tinks she can probably "hide" behind her personal blog? Google it & here it is [link removed]
if u R such a saint, y not reveal it? Unless........ C'mon, i'm outta here. if i ever rcv tis link again via emails or watsoever, i'm callg d police!


My reply:
I haven't been deleting any comments at all as I've got nothing to hide. I would have to delete yours with my blog link removed as I don't want it to be publicised here. Yes, I'm aware that my personal blog is linked to many of my friends' sites and thus easily searchable. If any of you want to search for it, pls do so from there.

Charmaine suffering from Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer is indeed true and I really wished it wasn't.

I don't owe anyone an explanation here coz people who know Cynthia and me would know better. If you don't know us and refuse to believe, it's really fine.

Third Person said...

Hi to jolene who say charmaine don't look like stage 4,
I am a friend of cynthia's brother friend so i know this is true. May be charmaine really don't look like stage 4 but i have a uncle who is so healthy and suddenly just die of stage 4 liver cancer. Everybody was very shock as he show no sign at all.
Anyway if this is a scam, i don't think jolene would be silly enough to show a photo which is so recent. People who want to scam will cover their tracks very well. This is Singapore. Very small.

Hi jeromepang1@nus.gov.sg
This is for you from another post.
I manage to see your comment before being deleted. I spent a good 3 hours plus reading and clicking around jolene's blog. Using my heart to think, i am quite sure that this whole case is true.

Why do I say that?
From the love i see for her godkids. I read all their outings from as far as 2006. I read the comments posted under the posts. This woman love cynthia and her kids a lot. I don't think anybody with the right mind would want to make use of her godkid whom she love to cheat people of their money unless she is really heartless.
How i wish jolene did not delete the comment with her blog url because people who go in can definitely see the truth.

I am a 3rd degree separation from cynthia. My friend is cynthia's brother's friend. cynthia's brother sent email to his friends and I saw it from my friend's blog and so I got here. If this family or jolene want to cheat people of their money, they are definitely roping in too many people in their scam. This is Singapore. Very small. If so many people are involve it's easy to track them down. I don't think they would do that.

I suggest everyone who think this is a scam go read jolene's blog. It's easy to search as i tried googling for it even when i had the url just to check how easy it is. Just like me, i think most of you would come to the same conclusion as me that this is not a scam.

I used only a little bit of logical thinking, much common sense and lots of heart to come to this conclusion. And please if you still don't believe don't write nasty things. Can you imagine how much this family have to suffer only to come in here and see people saying it's not true. The least you could do is just not bother them anymore.
I trust my judgement and I trust my friend who is cynthia's brother's friend.

Anonymous said...

This is getting out of hand. The intention of this blog is to bless Charmaine and encourage the people involved. Yet now, there are people slamming it as a fake or a scam because of the involvement of money.

Jolene, why not disable comments so that only people who are genuinely concern for Charmaine can email their well-wishes, prayers, encouragements, donations to ourfeistyprincess@gmail.com instead?

You can also entertain sincere donors by responding to their emails and showing them the breakdown list and bills to ensure them that their donations are truly use for Charmaine.

You don't have to prove to the slammers anything. People have different opinions and views; you cant please anyone.

April said...

Aww, she has such a bright cheerful smile, really adorable! ^^

And I'm sure she will continue to smile this cheerfully in the months and years to come!

All the best!

Justina said...

There is no need to disable comments since this blog is created for lil Char and every other sincere people to drop their wishes.

Those who are here to disrupt the peace here, jolly well knows that they are not welcomed anyway.

I dun see y Jolene should reveal her blog since already said it was HER blog. She is not obliged to do so.

By the way, it doesnt hurt to even help by clicking on the ADs.

Pixie said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your note =) (I am sneaking during lunch break)
Yeap we are currently doing that actually so for those who have donated via Paypal (as there is an email to it), we have also informed them on it =) Next willdefinitely come on the breakdown on the $ and where did the money go to. In this way, the amount to raised for, has a target to achieve upon. we will put it up soon, but for now, anyone who has internetbank trfed to us, you can also email us your contact details so for any updates, esp on the financial side, we can send it to you all =) You all are part of Char's life now.
Thanks alot!!

WingYee said...

Happy birthday girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene,

I reckon you have not come across your love ones having cancer. Lucky you.

My very fit husband was running a full marathon 2 months before he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He passed away 2 months after the diagnosis. He was 34. It started with a fever which lead to blood test which reveals the cancer. All happen within a short time frame.

This is not an encouraging post that this blog hopes to receive but having this personal experience, i have no doubt about Charmaine's condition and my sympathies goes with them. If there is a choice, i am sure Cynthia and family would choose to be that happy family instead of being here to go thru this.

To Cyn and Charmaine - wishing you well and may God be with you always.


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