Charmaine discharged this afternoon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charmaine has been discharged from KK this afternoon and is recuperating at home. Her condition is fine just that it's really tough getting her to take medicine.

Her biopsy result was out this morning. It isn't too positive. The tumour/ cells are considered the "bad" kind which means it is difficult to get rid of them by chemo. =(

[NB: I'm explaining in layman's term.]

Another blow to Cynthia is that her mum was admitted to CGH earlier this evening for stroke and seizure. I really hope aunty is alright. I've got no news from Cynthia since then.

Why is life so unfair for her???!!!





June said...

OMG.... Why is there so much bad news! Poor Cynthia... How can she cope with so much!

God please help her! She don't deserve all these.

Jolene said...

It's really unfair and too much! One trial after another!

I just hope her mum is alright.

ST said...

It's saddening to hear that! I hope Cynthia will continue to stay strong even though it seems too much to handle. I suppose this really tests our faith in God but it is important to remember to continue believing in Him because He will never give up on us. And I've faith that Charmaine will fight the virus with all her might! (although i don't personally know her, she seems like a strong fighter from all the descriptions in the blog entries).

A note to Cynthia: Stay strong for Charmaine and your mum because they really need you by their sides now. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! :)

deedee said...

oh dear *HUGS* Cynthia please stay strong! you can do it! you daughter and your mum can do it! all will keep you and your family in prayers... jiayou jiayou!!

jiayou jiayou for Jolene too~ please take good care, and make sure Cynthia take good care too~ *hugs*

Trixx said...

Cyn, I'm reading all these and feeling for you. Please stay positive no matter how bad things are. Life is not fair, and certainly hasn't for you...! Don't let it get you down!!

Angela Chua said...

Went to pass things to Cyn at her house yesterday. Seems that Charmaine is doing fine. Can see that her hair is falling off. Very heart warming and joyous thing is that I saw Charmaine's sweet smile. She was in good mood and I played with her and Jase till 10pm or so. Didnt really keep track of the time.

Heard from Cyn that she got a 2nd opinion at NUH. She met up with a nice Myanmar lady doctor. Although she's only a Associate Consultant (AC), she explained quite alot to Cyn on Charmaine's condition.

Currently, Charmaine has to undergo 7 chemo sessions at KKH, which according to the AC, 5 sessions would be sufficient. Studies found out that kids that have undergone 7 chemo sessions are more prone to contract leukemia. This also means that Char need not suffer additional 2 sessions of chemo and reduce the amount of toxic going through her body.

The AC also mentioned that it is advisable to remove Char's tumor fast after 2 or 3 sessions of the chemo. At least Char will have lesser risk of having her condition worsen. (Not sure if its the correct way to put it)

This Monday, Char will be admitted to KKH to do some scans. Im not sure what kind of scan it is.

Cyn wants to transfer char to NUH as it should be able to provide Char with better care. Jus that the ward accommodation environment is less conducive as compared to KKH. Mostly importantly, the doc told her that in NUH there would be 20% chances of recover, 10% more as compared to KKH.

Chances of recovery will be boosted to 40% should Char take some medicine that is under clinical trial in US. This medicine is costly and limited. Hopefully the doc would be able to get this medication for Char.

The AC suggested Cyn to get Dr Chui Chan Hon to operate on Char's tumor. Dr Chui specialises on Paediatric Surgery in Oncology. However, Dr Chui's is currently working in Mt. Elizabeth. If Char operates there, it would be very expensive in terms of daily ward stay and other private rate expenses. Thus, Cyn is writing to Dr Chui, wondering if he could do the surgery in NUH or KKH, so much so that the ward rate etc would be cheaper compared to Mt Elizabeth Hospital. Dr Chui info can be found at the below link.

Hope I didn't misinterpret the info.

Mummy, stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Charmaine ur Strong, god will pray for you recover soon! :D

26 Jun 2009

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