Char sedated for bone marrow biospy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday , May 15 2009
After three rounds of chemo, and a long wait, Char's neutrophils still remains as 0.84. Ideally, she needs 1 to do this. the doctor gave a go ahead for bone marrow, but chemo will be delayed. In this case, Cyn and Char will be missing Jase birthday celebration on May 20th in school.

Nonetheless, the girl is very strong.

Cyn sms on 10:58:
" Just went in. She was terrified. Cried non stop. When they gave the sedation, she laughed loudly. Freaked me out. Wanna cry so badly everytime i see her so terrified :-( "

Apparently, the nurses said kids get excited when the sedation is kicking in.

At 11:42, Cyn sent the MMS below. Our girl is out. But still sedated. "Glad is all over"


Anonymous said...

U were so defensive of putting up chemo pics when first asked. Now u know the importance of money n not your silly privacy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Do you have a heart!!!??? I can't believe there are people like you out there.

You just aim to piss people off in your life yeah?

Get a life and do something more meaningful will you?


Pixie said...

Thanks Eve!

Someone's real free to comment in < 3hours I posted it up. You have been really stalking on Charmaine. I must thank you for always being here for her, regardless the reason might be.

Your post, will definitely raked in more readers for us.

Anonymous said...

Ok, still being rude to potential donors... shows that u guys aren't desperate.

What pisses me off is that Char's family is still taking the back seat & also allowing her friends to ruin any chances of raising funds. I could be a donor for the sake of char & not wanting to become one of your friends.

Lets hope ur friends who'd only say "jiayou" here have some money to spare char. Bye & gd luck!

Joanne said...


1) get a life anonymous

2) 'desperate for $'? (no doubt in need of money but then to bow down to people like u?)

3) 'take a back seat'? (who are u to know for sure? u know them PERSONALLY? stop accusing others BLINDLY)

4) 'I could be a donor for the sake of char'? (ya right.. what a noble and kind person u are... yet slamming this site again n again? so hypocritical)

5) bye n good luck? (ya sure, u will be back 2 read and post more rude n insensitive comments)

obviously u have a problem with this site and the people involved yet u still come back to read this blog? weird... there is alwiz a choice of not reading it... then again if you are alwiz checkin this site... why not u contact the family directly 2 clarify things instead of claiming again n again that u could be a donor when ur intention is to creating a din and post negative comments at any given chance?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

If you are sincere about donating, these is no need for these sacarstic remarks.

And for your information - donating $1 is also call donating..........

If you insist all knowing all details about Charmaine, her illness, her chemo photos etc,you need proof - why don't you share here how much are you willing to donate if you are shown all these???!!!!


Kevin said...

Hi Anonymous... I'm a friend of Cyn and put my money where my heart is.

If you want to help Char, rather than complain, here's two suggestions:

1) if you have money, please donate. See if you can match my donations :) Or perhaps we can be buddies and I'll match whatever you put in. good?

2) if you have time, how about grocery shopping for cyn? or help organizing a fund raiser? Or suggesting ideas?

Anonymous said...

dear Cynthia and Charmaine,

You have truly exhibited bravery and perservance, selfless and great heart that only very vey special people can attain.
It might be a destiny that the family has to go thru the rough time to evolve a better tomorrow.

I truly admire the solid bonds that you had attracted from the beautiful people around you. This is definately money cannot buy.

I also want to thank you for sharing your gracious story that I was very very fortunate to learn. And I shared your story with my 2 kids how a mighty fighter looks like.

I sincerely wish the best luck will come to your door step real soon. And hope to hear great news about Charmaine's recovery.

Yours Truly,
Desmond Lee

Sandra Villafane said...

You are brave little Charmaine!

Cynthia, Charmaine, and Jolene, you are all brave souls. I know this isn't easy for you all and especially for Charmaine. My son went through Nephroblastoma in 1999 till 2001 at 5 years of age. They removed his kidney and had 3 relapses. He was sent home to die but God is good and he was given a last chance to get a stem cell transplant and he is now 15 years old. Don't give up I beg you. Never let the doctors do whatever they want. Work with them and be involved in every way. You can read my son's story in my blog at
If you want to email me you may at
Also, stop the hate messages here Anonymous. This is not what this family needs. Give hope not hate.

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