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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear all,

Many of you have been asking many questions -- why treatment in Singapore is not on our list, why must it be New York, is that the only alternative, why such a huge amount etc.

Charlene has explained in this post:
Updates on Charmaine and Jase

3F8 has been used in clinical trials for neuroblastoma for more than 20 years and is a treatment for high-risk neuroblastoma. Currently the only places 3F8 is available is in the US at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and in Hong Kong.

For added info about 3F8, the 3 websites below provide very comprehensive info in Q&A. For the layman, don't worry. Even medical knowledge noob like me could understand and interpret the info quite well.

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

What is 3F8?

What is 3F8 and why funding is necessary?


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2) wall or discussion forum on Facebook group "Our Feisty Princess Charmaine Lim"

All messages directed to the above would definitely be read by Cynthia, Charlene or myself. Please refrain from sending pte msgs to us on Facebook as we would prefer the messages to be more transparent.

Thank you very much!



Anonymous said...


Maybe it is good to highlight what are your plans before donors can donate?

Like what happen if you manage to raise only S$350,000. Whether you will proceed with the treatment in USA? If not, then how will the money be use?

Jolene said...

Hi anon,

We have been keeping records of our donors and funds.

We have also considered the possible situation whereby there would be leftover funds and have come up with different ways to deal with the funds.

Nevertheless, the treatment in Singapore also works out to a hefty sum. We are not even sure if we could hit the amount.

Figures provided so far are not concrete, only estimates as there are many variable costs involved. Only the deposit amounts are concrete. (Cynthia, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Whenever possible, we are coming up with points to highlight.

To voice this out shows that you are concerned. Do leave a name or a pseudonym next time so we know who we are talking to and can get back to you more efficiently. Alternatively, you may email us for more direct correspondence.


Anonymous said...

It may be easy for me to say this , but I do feel the magnitude of the situation . The amount for her to be treated is no small small sum of $$ . Cynthia has to keep trying as a mom , be it to fund it partially via mortgaging her house or to get the remaining thru well wishers & public donation. I really hope fund raising is part of the agenda because there is no time to waste . Charmaine life is at stake. HUang Na's case managed to rake in sympathetic donation of hundreds of thousands even though it cannot help the little gal anymore. I m sure to save a little gal who fighting for a life may have even more impact.


Anonymous said...

Also would like to know how we can contribute and donate as well , was one of the previous donors but prefer to remain anonymous . And if could tabuluate the figures and sums that have been collected , with a view to consider others ( is it possible to get any funding with various cancer institutions) , public confidence to donate will be higher .


Jolene said...


Thanx for the suggestions and on your previous contribution. =)

We have been doing the necessary work that has to be done these few days with many factors to consider.

Something will be up soon.

Thanx for the continual support.

WST said...

just wanna begin by saying that i only found out about Charmaine yesterday and my thoughts & prayers are with Charmaine & family. can i just enquire why Charmaine won't be receiving treatment in Hong Kong since 3F8 is available there? please rest assured that i am not trying to cause any trouble, i just genuinely want to know.

WST said...

hi, just wanted to add that i asked cos in the course of finding out more about 3F8, i came across 2 other neuroblastoma patients' blogs and they received treatment in HK. 1 appears to have lived in SG before going to HK for treatment.

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