Charmaine on 4th Round of Chemo

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She is starting her 4th round of chemo tonight and here's a photo of her and the heart she made this afternoon while waiting for the chemo to start tonight. This round of chemo will be the same as the 1st and 2nd. NUH do not do the same as KKH, so her left hand is different from previous. Still, this is our princess. She calls herself "chubby princess" right now. =)

NUH has visitor restriction and kids below 12 are not allowed to enter.

Happy Birthday Jase Jase. Mei mei and mummy are all fighting with the monster in NUH but they still love you the same!

Love, Charlene

thanks to the mystery M person who wrote in to NUH to grant Jase the short vist to see little Char!

BIG THANKS by Cynthia


Anya said...

加油! Little Charmaine!

deedee said...

Charmaine is a strong girl. 加油!!

Anonymous said...

I belive Charmaine will pull through!!Have faith in your cute little angel,Cynthia!!!

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