Back in NUH

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Charmaine's fever was high up 38.3degree this morning and Cyn rushed her down to A&E. After a 7 gruelling hours in the A&E ward carrying Char on her arms, they finally had the bed for Char in the Ward 88.

She has zero immunity right now, fighting on the fever that stil hovers a high 37 to low 38. But our very strong princess is still asking for her Char Siew Rice specially cooked and delivered by favourite gong-gong. A mouthful by a mouthful, it warms our heart seeing her eat finally. First meal for the day, and all thanks to the entire day wait in A&E without a good rest in the afternoon.

Back home alone, Jase had developed a fever and getting thinner by the day.

Keep your prayers on.

Love, Charlene


Jaclyn said...

Hi Cynthia n Charmaine,

Im a fren of Charlene and she sent me ur blog to read. i've been gg thru some personal struggles as well but after reading ur blog, it has put my troubles in perspective.

I feel that my problems are so trivial after reading what u have gone though and u are still so strong compared to me.

Charmaine is so lucky to have such a wonderful mother like you. i hope that u continue to find strength and peace in ur life and i will be praying for Charmaine's health to get better.

Me said...

Hi Cynthia

I've been actively talking working with cancer patients for a while. My own sister is presently fighting Colon Cancer which has spread to her Liver, Vertebrae and Lung. However, she is still going strong and sustaining the fight after going through 3 surgeries (Colon, Liver & C3 Vertebrae) 1 Radiotherapy (10 doses to her neck), 1 Yttrium 90 Internal Radiation (Inoperable tumor in the liver) and 6 Chemotherapy courses over the past 15 months.

She is sustained through a simple approach of getting to know Cancer, what is it? how it grow? how it spread? and how it survive?

Cancer cells occur in everyone of us. Our body, naturally, is able to destroy cancer cells on its own. It is when the body provides a suitable environment that the cancer cells are able to survive,develope into a tumor and continue the growth and spread.

Start by stopping the feed to the tumor. The first indication of a tumor developing is through the detection of sugar activity via a PET scan. Cancer tumor feeds on sugar. This is also the reason that the signs associated include sudden loss in weight. Unfortunately, our response is to introduce food, mainly sugar base, in hope to replenish the body's need without realising that we are actually feeding the tumor.

The mucus generated from a milk protein coats the cancer cells, making it difficult to be detected and eliminated by the body's immune system as well as treatment. By removing this source, we will have a better chance in the fight.

These are the first 2 steps to take in the fight, which is to stop feeding the tumor and to remove the protection layer by cutting out Sugar and Dairy Products.


1. A high level of Oxygen in the body would cause cancer cells to die.
2. Increase the PH of the body to 8.5 through an increase in Nutrient rich foods instead of Energy rich foods(Carbo, Proteins & Fats). Besides alkalising the body's PH (which also causes cancer cells to die) the Nutrient rich food would also reinforce the body's immune system as well as increase the blood counts.

3. Sunshine in the morning before 0930 in an open space is good in warming up the body as well as the generation of Vit D. This also makes the body happy.

4. Activities & mobility is important to ensure circulation.

5. A good 8 hours of sleep at night, in an oxygen rich enviroment free from radiating devices will help the heal itself.

These are main points of support which I give to all the cancer patients I know.

Charmaine looks cheerful in the pictures and it is important that her happiness and strength is maintained properly.

Remember that we want to feed Charmaine to fight Cancer(through the treatment) and NOT to feed Cancer.

Do not hesitate to email me or call 9PATRICK should you need more information.

Best Wishes


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