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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday 15th May 2009
Update by Cynthia on SMS @ 20:21

Char is discharged at 5pm. She's doingbetter than the first biospy, wasn't as freaked out when she touched the plasters. Complained of pain once so far when we were getting ready to come home. Now, we have to make sure the wounds aren't infected and pray real hard for bone marrow results next week to show no cancer cells. Doc says one difficulty is alot of kids' bone marrow do not clear even after chemo. 4th chemo is scheduled on tues.



Love, Charlene


LEEJIAYI :D said...


susanteh said...

Have been following this blog and praying for this fantastic little girl and family. Stay strong. God bless.

Anonymous said...


How come Charlene is the one typing the updates? Have Jolene broke away from this? Jolene do not even update on this family anymore. Is there a quarrel?

Pixie said...

Thanks Jiayi and Susan!
The kids had a whale of good time over the weekend with the celebration.

Anon, you provide a good source of entertainment for all of us. Please drop down your email to us. Probably I can help you to clinch a few projects to bring laughters to the children given your free time.

(Hmmm, was Jolene involvement a key criteria for you to read this blog? You know I can do a personal introduction for you to Jolene right?)

me said...

Get well soon! =)

Justina said...

Does it matter so much to you on who is doing the updates on lil' Char's current situation?

If u r here coz u are concern about lil' Char, all well n good.
But if u r here to disrupt the tranquility and the intention of this blog, y waste time?
Aren't u EVER tired??

well said!! =)

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