Merry May 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy moments in May 2009.

- Cyn mummy walking the path strongly with Princess Chubby
- Finally an evening out to the park.
- Jase Birthday cake from Goodwood Hotel (courtesy of Uncle Micky)
- Secret Receipt Chocolate Banana cake for the pretty mummy
- Jase making monkey face
- This is what you get, when Jase holds a DSLR, and Charmaine the model.
- Quan Jia Fu. Even Cola is in!
- Building sandcastle
- Jase took his own feet with DSLR.
- GodMa cutting cake with Jase in BrightKids
- Licking off the durian cake. Charmaine doesnt take Durian. =X
- In the envy of his classmates eyes, Jase is finally 5.

- DSLR shot by Charmaine on her own hospital bills
- The view by Charmaine through DSLR
- Jase with the pretty babes. Charmaine decides to sulk.
- Fooling around with the knife
- Charmaine BMTroom through free upgrades! She was showing us her dance steps.
- Either taken by Jase or Charmaine. The camera was too heavy when strapped around their neck.
- Cheeky Charmaine hiding in the cave.
- Jase drew a picture of shark/whale
- Again, either byJase or Charmaine. Their desk.
- Taken by Jase. I was trying to figure out, was it an artistic shot captured, or simply too heavy for him to capture a straight photo. =)
- Our feisty princess decided to sit on the table
- She also loves our butts.
- Been whining about why her birthday cant come before Jase, she helps in cutting the cake.
It is very amusing to see how the kids struggle to have the weight of the big fat camera strap around their neck and all the photos turned out slanted. While most are blurred out by them, these are the very photos that are taken, from their point of view.

Round 4 Chemo is completed and tomorrow will be the 10th day. Fever has been shunning away from Charmaine and let's hope the same.

Everytime she visit NUH for a blood test, she knows that she will be getting her finger pricked. So our cheeky princess will choose which finger before getting poked. Today was no exception.

Me: "Charmaine, so which finger the nurse prick today?"
Char: "Pointer. Mummy, this is left or right?"
Cyn: "Right"
Char: "Right pointer finger"
Me: "So did you cry and scream today?"
Char: "I shout very loud but no water come out leh"

Adorable cutie that continues to cheer us up in our gloomy workplace.

- Posted by Charlene


Anonymous said...

really glad to see that charmaine is so hyper-active after knowing the presence of the illness. Nevertheless, cyn mummy do not be defeat. you know everyone is praying for ur whole family especially feisty charmaine. we would pray and hope the 'monster' will get out of charmaine's tummy. we love you:)

LEEJIAYI :D said...

Jiayou hor!

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