Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear all,

A website for Charmaine is up at http://ourfeistyprincess.com/.

Due to the various limited functions of this blog, a close friend of Cynthia has volunteered to undertake the task of creating this website. Do visit it to learn more about Cynthia and Charmaine's plight and how you can help them.

Please note that the website is not a replacement for this blog. Both are meant to co-exist hand in hand.

This blog would remain as the main platform for updating on Charmaine.



Charmaine was discharged yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i saw that cyn's personal particulars; home address, hp no. & home no. etc are listed on d website. Not v wise to reveal such info for all to see ba...?

Ms Kpo

Josse Tan said...

Dear Ms Kpo,

Thanks for highlighting this! I overlooked this and did not notice that her personal particulars were accidentally published on the website.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure things will work out fine for Little Charmaine. She's such a great fighter

Cyn: Not sure if you are a believer but I really think u should attend the Healing & Financial Breakthrough Seminar by New Creation Church. This church has seen many supernatural healing of cancers. Here's the details in case you are keen

Dates: Wednesday, 10 June and Thursday, 11 June 2009
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Rock Auditorium and Rock (Levels 4 and 6)*suntec city*

Anonymous said...

Hi, I noticed there is no information for donors on this site, or at your new site. Please let us know how we can donate.

Pixie said...

you can email to us and we will revert to you through there.

We had put it up earlier, however, with the suggestions made by readers, we have decided to pull that down.

Thank you!

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