Fever finally subsided this morning for first time in 7 days

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi all,

Thank you for everyone's prayers and thoughts.
My little girl's fever finally subsided this morning for the first time in days!

Dr Aung comes by dutifully everyday to check on Charmaine even though it's not her round this week. With Dr Aung's experience and assurance, I was able to live sanely. I trust her with all my life and she has been so assuring that even though Char had been having this persistent high fever, she knew Char will recover. Despite char's high fever, she would still sing to the tune of her favourite movie when it's played on TV and she still talks and plays. And that's why Dr Aung declared: "I'm not too worried yet!"

She changed Char's antibiotics last evening and assured me that the fever would come down! And true enough, it did!!!
Thank god!

Dr Chui was in KK today and dropped by to say hi as well.

These doctors don't have to go the extra miles but they did. I'm not an expert but in medicine, it's rarely a definite situation. We are blessed with doctors who care, doctors who listen, doctors who share. I know I've said countless times how grateful I am to these 2 doctors but it will never be enough!!! Thanks to Dr Aung who would drop by every single day to make sure she sees Charmaine clinically instead of just staring at case notes! She understands the need to assess each child and treat each patient based on their symptoms instead of following a standard set of guidelines - switching from one medicine to another medicine when there is no response to the precious.

I'm so grateful I have these 2 angels by my side but yet I'm sad that not everyone is as lucky as we are...
Most treatment regimes are set guidelines but having a compassionate and understanding doctor makes a world of difference when it comes to getting cured. None the less, Singapore is still blessed in general with doctors like Dr Aung and Dr Chui. I know of kids around the region who doesn't have doctors whom can treat them and yet cannot afford treatment here!

Need to run now. Char is awake! Thank you all!

I will write another entry tonight about another little girl who needs extra prayers for tomorrow.

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Great News!!! Praise the Lord!!Cyn, continue to pray! Lil princess, jia you!

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