A wish that all mothers make during this special day

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know you cant enjoy it right now, and have no mood for it.
But, it is still your birthday and you should cut yourself some slack in it.


Happy Birthday Cyn Mommy!

We all know your wish this and every year to come.
And we all have the same too!

You have learnt the Monster, its real name, and its symptoms. we have all learnt and seen the effects of it. But today, enjoy this day with your babies, and let's fight on it again tomorrow.

Happy Birthday babe!

From your lovelies


stardusz said...

Happy birthday, Cyn!

Wish that your little princess will get well soon. Wish that you will stay strong and most importantly, stay healthy for your precious ones.. =)

Claudio said...

dear cyn....


i wish you all the best for you new "life-year". i hope this year will be a good one for you jase and specially for char - with lots of good news for you wall.

take care

Caryn said...

Happy Birthday Cynthia.
Enjoy this special special day of yours with Jase, Charmaine & your lovely friends.

May your birthday wishes come true.

totoro said...

Dearest dearest Cynthia,

Although we have never met, you are like a sister to me. I checked on you everyday and pray that you will have a healthy daughter like many of us. You have shown us how strong a mother can be when it comes to saving her daughter and we are very proud of you. Please continue to be brave and I strongly believe your wish will come through....

Happy Birthday, may today and everyday will be filled with laughter, love and smile.

Mommy totoro

Kashi's Creations said...

Dear Cyn,

May the year ahead bring you happiness, health and peace. May all your wishes be granted.

You and charmaine are always in my prayer.


Mom2two said...

Happy birthday Cynthia! You are an amazing mom and an inspiration to many others including me! We always pray for you and your two kids. They are fighters like you are! May all your wish come true and may the monster stays away from princess Charmaine forever!

Mama Joan said...

Happy birthday Cyn! I pray that God will answer every wish of you and i know you will only have one single wish even if you are given thousands to make. Enjoy yourself with your babies today! M certain that your wish will come true!

LXMummy said...

Dear Cyn, happy birthday to you!

Best wishes to you and your kids.

The Second Hippie said...


Be strong.

Money said...

Happy Birthday Cynthia.. though you might not have the mood to think about it.. but I am sure you are feeling glad you and Charmaine has make it this far, hang on, Jia You & Charmaine will be fine, you have all our blessing with you. Take care.

Kel said...

To a special mummy , We pray that your Birthday wishes will all come true :) Enjoy your special day with ur warriors...

Eve said...

Happy Birthday Cyn!


Michel said...

happy birthday!

J.H said...

Happy birthday, with loads of love and hugs from UK :-)

Dee.. said...

Happy Birthday to you. I'm wishing the best for you. Enjoy this special day and I pray for you that you have more special and happy days.

karen_kh3 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cyn,

Stay strong for little Char. We pray that she'll recover soon and that God's grace will be with her.
Hope you had a good day yesterday..


yuene said...

Dear mummy Cynthia,

Here's wishing you a happy birthday! May all the dearest wishes of your heart come true, and may you have a wonderful wonderful time with your two lovely children!

Our prayers are with you.

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