Friday, March 12, 2010

Charmaine's pain in shin is gone and she fell asleep about 7 after one dose of paracetemol.

Now, she is my happy girl again, albeit some swelling on face, probably due to water retention. We are watching Tom and Jerry on tv.

I just want to drop a quick update so everyone can rest their mind for a bit. Next infusion of chemo starts at 5 pm.
I sincerely pray and hope that tonight will be a better one for us.

Cyn mommy


totoro said...

I am so glad, what a brave girl ! and a strong mommy !

Take care !

Mama Joan said...

Praise the Lord! Dun worry, God will watch over Charmaine! Have faith and continue your focus on Him!

Dear Lord, we thank you for thy healing and we ask for You to continue to watch over Charmaine throughout this chemo. Lord, please let this be the last chemo for lil' charmaine and let her be healed completely.

In Jesus most precious name, Amen!

Dee.. said...

Hope chemo went well. Here with you and will be praying for you.

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