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Friday, March 5, 2010

As part of the surprise for cyn mommy, Godpa and Godma "kidnapped" Jase while char was sleepng after her radiation.

We went to The Icing Room to decorate a cake for cyn mommy.

After that, Jase chose a bright and cheery "sunflower" bouquet for his mommy as he knew that Cynthia loves sunflower.

PS: We're aware that the flower pictured above seem to be some other species of flower instead of sunflower.

Before heading back, we went to buy some chicken wings. The stallholder who is every bit the benign-looking uncle asked Jase teasingly,

[loosely translated: All for you to eat?]

Jase who is usually uncomfortable in his mother tongue piped,

[loosely translated: No. It's for my mother. It's her birthday.]

The uncle laughed heartily and said,

"这样的话,记得跟你妈妈讲 uncle 祝她生日快乐!"
[loosely translated: If that is the case, remember to convey the message to your mother that uncle wish her a very happy birthday.]

With that, he passed the bag of chicken wings to Jase.

Back at home, Jase remembered to relay the message to mommy whereas godma has clean forgotten about it.

Before dinner started, a sweet old friend popped by with delicious fish head curry and pork knuckles. Together with some home-cooked food prepared by cyn's dad, we all tucked in.

Next came the moment the kids had all been waiting for-- singing, cutting and eating cake.

There are 2 cakes seen above as the delicious cheesecake was brought over by Charlene jie jie when she popped by during the day to surprise cyn.



Pris said...

Happy birthday, Cyn! You look so pretty in the photos! God bless you and the precious children!

Ms. Potatoe said...

Love the pictures!!! Hope you had a wonderful day reaching the next phase of life and let's brave it all together... Keep the hopes, hold the faith and everyday will be a better one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! :) Trix

Mama Joan said...

Despite how tough life maybe, God always ensure there are angels around us to make it a little more comforting...

Cai Feng said...

Happy Birthday! Have been following your blog for the past few months. Your strenght is admirable. Jiayou and keep on fighting!

yinkoiee said...

happy birthday dear cyn; always keeping you and char in my thoughts + prayers.
you are precious to God.
<3 sy

JulietJas said...

Dearest Cyn,
As you celebrate this special day, I pray that God will draw you closer to Him. I pray that HE will be your supernatural strength to go through each day. HIS grace is more than enough for you. HUGS

Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cynthia! May you be bless with many many good returns and a strong and healthy Charmaine soon.

RTCT said...

Happy belated birthday Cyn. We all know what your birthday wish is. And looks at Charmaine. She has grown up so fast. I am happy to see such a happy family photo! I hope you can share more of your photo with 2 kids as they grow up.

Thank you and may you wish come true.

kailin said...

is abit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYN MAMA!!!!
and may good health be with Jase Jase & Char Char forever!

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