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Friday, March 19, 2010

A really quick update for all...

Charmaine was discharged on Monday afternoon after her fever subsided. But her appetite has been rather poor over the last 3 days. Even her energy is also at an all time low.

This morning, we came in for a blood temst and her blood counts were above the minimum level and hence no transfusions was needed. We returned at about 3pm for her outpatient consultation with Dr Aung and by the time we reached home about 6pm, her head felt hot. I took a temp check and indeed she has a fever at 38. I prep her for the admission because she has zero immune.

She just started crying. It's been a long day, esp for Char and it's going to be the third time we are in KK today! Thankfully, after some explanation, she understood the implications of a fever and made the decision herself to come to KK.

It was another tormenting time watching her being poked not only on her port but also on her hand. No matter how many times I witness it, the pain is as excruciating as the first time...

It's now 12 midnight and she just fell asleep after her paracetemol. I am still waiting for them to start her on the antibiotics fortum. KK is once again full to the brim and we are sent to the woman's tower. The nurses from ward 76 are such angels! They brought her the commode all the way from children's tower.

I need an extra prayer for my baby girl again... Please if you may, pray that there is no infections and her fever will subside once they start the antibiotics. Every fever always turns me into some paranoid mom. My mind and heart cannot rest until her fever has fully subsided...

Another weekend in the hospital for us! There's only been one or two weekends that we were blessed with being able to enjoy it at home since we arrived.

Have a good weekend for the rest of you blissful souls.

With love and hope,
Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Cyn, have faith! The good days are arriving... U n lil' princess n jase are in my daily prayers! God is watching and he is doing something great! Amen! I know its difficult but stay positive! God Bless!

Jass said...

Hi Cyn,
Charmaine is back? My thoughts and prayers with you and charmaine !

A cheerful heart is a good medicine!


RTCT said...

Hi, i do pray the compassionate sutra Monday to Friday and would like to include Charmaine name. I hope if you don't mind giving me her full name and which year she was born. I hope I can help in some way.

You can email me at ronaldtoh1973@gmail.com

karen_kh3 said...

Hi Cyn,

I really understand yr worry. I'm also paranoid if my kids come down with fever.. I will wake every few hours to check on them. I feel for you. But be strong, Char needs you to.

I'll say a prayer for Char tonite.. Pray the God keep her safe n that her fever subsides soon..

Take good care n God bless.

Karen S

Patrick said...

The reason why Charmaine is having such a difficult time is that her Energy level has always been low. Which is why the neutrophil level is also low and thus rendering her unable to cope with the treatment and giving the cancer cells, which prefers low oxygen and low pH environment to thrive.

There is still hope for Charmaine if you are able to bring up her energy level, something which the doctors and prayers cannot do.



LXMummy said...

Dearest Charmaine, are you alright?

Auntie Chew Lian has been praying hard for you. Wish you get well soon.

Cynthia, take good care of yourself too.

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