Urgent prayers needed

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's 5 am now and we just finished first day of chemo at 2:30am.

She suddenly cries of leg pain in her left shin! I just requested the nurses to inform the doc so that paracetamol
can be given to help her sleep.

I entered KK yesterday with mixed emotions. Half my mind was glad that we can move forth with 2nd chemo but the other half was jittery about what may happen. I simply can't shake my mind off what happened the previous time... It's so tough to send my happy and active little girl in because at the back of my mind, I know we have to start and repeat the climb once again...

Dear god, please take away this pain and let it be a one off unrelated incident!

Please pray for my little girl!
Thank you...

Why another challenge again...
Each sudden cry of pain could litterally make my heart stop beating...



karen_kh3 said...

Hi Cyn mommy,

I'm a catholic and have heard that novena prayers to St Jude helps. (a prayer that is said for 9 consecutive days, said 6 times per day) He's said to grant the prayed intentions before the 9 days are over.

Do check it out at stjudenovena.org The prayers can be found there, it's a bit long to post here. At this point of time, we must trust in God and ask St Jude to intercede for us too!

Hope this helps.

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