Scans stable...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr Aung just called me about an hour ago...

I wrote her an email yesterday, must have sounded desperate or insane.

So yes, she called me today the moment she returned to work from sick leave. THANK YOU Dr Aung.

Here's the results:

Her right femur showed a mild reduction in cancer cells.
Her left femur remained the same.
Her sacrum also remained the same.

I dont know what to say. Else we can call it stable. I knew beforehand that I wouldnt be seeing a report that says CLEAN. (Dr Aung explained the cancer cells in the skeleton bones do not disappear so fast, some even show up on scans one year later but it doesnt mean that the cells are cancerous.) But, my heart still felt a tinge of despair and sadness upon hearing the results.

Dr Aung comforted me saying that she is glad that as long as there isnt any progression, we are still on track.

Dr Aung also emailed Dr Kushner in MSKCC whom suggested that Charmaine also repeat her bone marrow biopsy and MIBG scan (which is THE SCAN that bothers me a little). I just wish the Iodine they use here in Singapore is same as the one they use in MSKCC which is apparently much more 'edible'. I cant say its fair for me to make the statement since I have never swallowed the Iodine myself but I can assure you that I have seen the physical color of the liquid med and its different! Charmaine never ever once complained of the Iodine in NYC but oh god... the one here which she had only consumed once last year march when she was diagnosed, smelled terrible and it would be rather traumatising to get her to drink it. :-( Another mommy said her daughter simply refuses to take it. :-( The after-taste is just too much for the kids and it stays for a LONG TIME! SORRY that I rant again... :-(

My breathing is still not normal yet but... stable is something that I will take it now...

Please continue to keep Charmaine in your prayers that her cancer cells have already been killed even though they still show up on the scan... Dear God, please let Charmaine be healed completely and that there are no more cancer cells in her body. Please let her live happily and healthily for a long time!

PS: For those of you who heard, Jase's fever has finally subsided this afternoon thankfully. His temp took another spike at 39.5 this morning but after medicine, the fever subsided. THANK YOU. I will have to continue to watch over him and make sure the fever doesnt creep back again.



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