Charmaine's Belated Birthday Video

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sent in by a reader, nicknamed ArtistDing from HWZ forum.
Thank you for the cute video!


Recently, there have been quite a number of feedback from SG saying they can't view the blog. What they see would only be some outlines of videos with no text and photos. I'm also experiencing the same problem on my laptop up till now but everything's fine on my hubby's desktop.

If you are able to view the blog and see this, please let anybody you know who are not able to view that it could be coz they are using the old IE browser. Switch to Modzilla firefox or the new IE to solve the problem. So now whenever I wanna view this blog, I would just switch to firefox browser. It works well. Thanx to the suggestion of one of our readers.

I do not know how else to solve this problem in the long term except totally switching browser.

I've also included this temporary solution in the Facebook group wall to reach out to those who are not able to view the blog to see this. Please help to spread the word around.

Thank you.



Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Each Wednesday at Being we feature a Guest Blog. This week we are highlighting neuroblastoma with two guest posts. The first is by Connie Powell, mother of Miss Madelyn, who recounts what the experience of diagnosis was for her and her family. In the second a twenty-four year old NB survivor, Erik Ludwinski, reflects on how cancer has affected his young life. I know that neuroblastoma has a strong blogging family. So thought you might be interested in visiting. Also please visit the “Neuroblastoma” section of our blogroll, Cancer Blog Links, to see if your site is listed.
Take care, Dennis

delfin said...

hey Charmaine is cute, how is she?

delfin said...

hey Charmaine is cute, i wonder how is she?
to mommy pls send me update to "how is she at

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