Rainy Sat

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Charmaine will be having her HAMA test on 3rd September and next round of 3F8 to be somewhere around 14th September.

Beside complain of leg pain, our Charmaine has been very cheeky.

Love, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

jase kor kor glad 2 hear tat u r getting better! Continue 2 drink more water k? Charmaine, Jia you! cyn mommy, Jia you! m sure u guys r seeing the rainbow soon! Press on!

Jessie said...

So glad to see the three of you so happy together! Cyn Mommy, your decision to bring Jase along is right after all, he has definitely kept Charmaine's spirits up! Charmaine, keep up the good work, you are a really brave girl, ganbatte!

Ron said...

It has been a while since I checked the website. I am very heartherning that both Charmaine and Cynthia are still in good spirit.

Keep it up and thanks for all who update Cynthia, Jase & Charmaine condition.

JulietJas said...

Dear Cyn, Jase & Char,

Hello hello!

Just wanted to say Hi and encourage all of you that all of you are in our prayers.

Will pray especially for the HAMA test. I trust that God will clear that for Char.

Cyn: Are you taking your daily vitamins???

Jase: Drink more 'liang teh' and stay healthy =)

Aunty J miss both of you cheekies!

love_is_all_around said...

All are well... :) So happy!!!

Feisty Princess gotta start the treatment soon. Aunty want to sing you a sentence of song, "GO GO POWER RANGER"!!! .(hehehehe... This is Power Ranger cartoon song during aunty's time) Fight all the way! Aunty can see the monster is very small now! Hurray!!!

Jase Jase kor kor, eat more oh. Need your strength to take care of mei mei already. :D

Cyn mama, you too, have to eat more, I think you must have grown thinner these few days.

JIA YOU, everyone!!!

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